10 things the NBA wants you to forget about Michael Jordan

There is no denying that Michael Jordan is one of the most legendary sports personalities to ever walk the earth. Although basketball has always been hugely popular, many credit Jordan with breathing new life into the sport with his incredible games and heated rivalries. Despite all of this, it’s also fair to say that Jordan was no angel.

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Each person has to deal with their own demons, and with his first retirement, he may have been no different. While many of his biggest issues are purely rumors or stories from those who have been close to him, there have been a few high profile and very public issues. Any problems with basketball’s golden boys are often wished to be forgotten by the NBA, and Jordan’s problems are no different.


ten His speech to the Hall of Fame

Much has been said about Michael Jordan’s now infamous Hall of Fame speech. Some said it was a realistic and honest take on an industry that is full of few true friends, and others said it was a nearly 10-minute rant and of a funeral of people who felt they had had a positive impact on Jordan’s career.

Regardless of one’s position, it’s fair to say that Jordan had more than a few choice words for the people in his life. Essentially burying some of the greatest people he had worked with, Jordan’s less than kind words are probably something the NBA would rather everyone forget.

9 He may have been a notorious player

There has been a lot of mixed information over the years regarding potential gambling activity in Jordan. While most of the details are just speculation and personal stories from those around him, the NBA probably doesn’t want people to think of Jordan as a big player.

There have been more than a few high-profile stories involving Jordan making irresponsible bets, including one about him allegedly making a bet involving way too much money on what should have been a simple, friendly game of golf.

8 His first retirement was plagued by rumors

With rumors of Jordan being a notorious player already on the minds of fans, it should come as no surprise that his first retirement from the NBA has almost always been speculated. The bizarre circumstances involved and some of Jordan’s own words created a few theories in fans’ minds.

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Although there is no evidence for this claim, some believe that Jordan was in fact asked away due to his gambling addiction. The odd timing of the announcement and Jordan’s own words further fuel theory, but ultimately it’s just that, a fan theory.

seven He wasn’t nice to a potential star

When Jordan was in the twilight of his career, he actually played for Washington, which a lot of people seem to forget. Due to his previous ties to the team and his own competitive spirit, Jordan didn’t mince words when his team failed to live up to their standards.

This is the very thing that some people say ruined Kwame Brown’s career. He had a long career, but not living up to his hype. Some say it was Jordan’s rather consistent and public harsh words for the young star that caused many fans and establishments to turn against Brown.

6 He hit Steve Kerr

The NBA would almost certainly like the world to forget that Jordan once punched his own teammate during training camp, but it probably won’t be forgotten anytime soon. The event is rather infamous, but to be fair, Kerr said the situation was actually for the best.

It is said that due to each man’s prior frustrations, the two ended up getting into a bit of small talk during practice. After enough taunts and a few fouls, Jordan ended up punching Kerr and the two got into a brief scuffle before being pulled apart by those in attendance.

5 He wasn’t always a faithful man

Quite possibly, the most high-profile thing about Jordan that the NBA would like the world to forget about is his infidelity rap sheet. For a while, it might have looked like Jordan was in an unhappy marriage, but that changed pretty quickly once a woman stepped forward.

Eventually, it emerged that Jordan allegedly paid a woman to keep quiet about their relationship, a relationship that resulted in the woman’s pregnancy. The sad truth is that the woman got pregnant in 1991, two years after Jordan got married to his wife.

4 He was banned from a golf course

A slightly simpler example of Jordan not exactly living up to the standards set for him by himself and the NBA is his problems on the golf course. Jordan fans will know he’s always loved golf, but his ego has made it difficult for him at times.

In one story, Jordan was said to have refused to follow a golf course dress code. He ended up playing the course anyway, and once the staff realized this, he was again asked to change. Jordan reportedly refused to do so and as a result was banned from the golf course.

3 Don’t talk about Nike

Everyone is going to have their own opinion on consumerism and personal businesses, but a lot of people were disappointed with Jordan during some drama around Nike. When attention was drawn to allegedly poor working conditions at Nike factories elsewhere in the world, Jordan mostly defended the brand.

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It makes sense that he’d protect the brand given his long history with them and, of course, their creation of his immensely popular Air Jordans. Yet not acknowledging what seemed like clear issues left people with a bad taste in their mouths.

2 His alleged behavior towards Charles Barkley

With Jordan’s notoriety, it makes sense that more than a few people have a few interesting stories about him. One of them concerns his treatment of fellow NBA great Charles Barkley.

As the story goes, Jordan was rather manipulative of Barkley in order to get favorable treatment on the pitch. Once he could benefit from their supposed friendship, Jordan wouldn’t have such a hard time getting past his friend, which left Jordan with some choice words about Barkley for another game.

1 His bullying attitude towards the players

While Jordan is absolutely one of the greatest NBA players of all time, he has struggled to escape accusations of being a bully to not only other players but his teammates as well. Jordan was able to find a lot of success with a big team and almost always played amazing in his prime.

The problem with that is that Jordan expected his team to always be in top form. There are countless stories of Jordan treating other stars poorly, one of the most famous being his mistreatment of Muggsy Bogues, something some point to as the thing that shook the star’s confidence for the rest of his career. career.

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