2022 NFL Draft QB Stock Watch: Ole Miss’s Matt Corral, Kentucky’s Will Levis Showing Better Decision Making


Few of the NFL talent assessors are able to say for sure which college quarterbacks will be able to translate into the NFL, especially this year. The absence of Trevor Lawrence or Joe Burrow made the 2022 NFL Draft class incredibly difficult to decipher. One person’s best quarterback may not be in another’s top five and yet it’s not because there are a multitude of quality options. There’s plenty of time to sort things out, but in a snapshot of the present, here’s how a handful of quarterbacks have fared this season:

Matt Corral, Ole Miss: Refuel

Corral plays in a system that suits his skills and he operates at a high standard. Corral throws accurately at all levels. His decision making improved and this is evident in his touchdown / interception ratio (14: 1). The California native takes quick reads and gets the ball out of his hands quickly.

Corral has a good command of the attack and his sense of the game is undoubtedly good. Its mobility is not on par with a Lamar Jackson, nor is the styling reminiscent of bigger quarterbacks like Josh Allen, but you just need to lengthen the plays and get big chunks here and there. Corral is not asked to throw deep often but, when he does, he has done it with precision.


Will Levis, Kentucky: Refuel

Levis and Kentucky’s new offensive look caused a stir early in the season with large-scale production. The Penn State transfer showed his mobility and his arm strength against Louisiana-Monroe and Tennessee-Chattanooga. Games against Florida and South Carolina illustrated the possibilities for growth. Levis played sparingly for the Nittany Lions, primarily used as a runner. When he got the chance to start, he forced throws into narrow windows on his first read. Some aspects of the game only come with experience.

In a larger role, Levis has been a mixed bag for the Wildcats. Over the past two weeks, the quarterback has shown tremendous growth in his willingness to throw the ball and not force passes through tight windows. After overtaking LSU at home, Great Britain failed on the road against No.1 Georgia. Even in a loss, Levis did a lot of good things. In his first five games with Kentucky, Levis threw eight touchdowns and six interceptions. In the last two games, he’s thrown five touchdowns and no interceptions. His stats would have been much better if his targets hadn’t given up multiple passes.

Kenny Pickett, Pittsburgh: Fill Up

Pickett is a great quarterback who throws a nice deep ball. He shows good pocket presence and an ability to throw while running, but he has a tendency to throw in cover. In 2021, the senior takes much better care of football. In six games, he threw 21 touchdowns for a single interception, in addition to three rushing touchdowns.

On that particular play in this week’s win over Virginia Tech, Pickett stands in the pocket knowing the pressure is coming, waiting for wide receiver Jared Wayne to take revenge on the defensive back and then lead him into the weak spot in the area. for touchdown without an appointment.

Pittsburgh’s wide receivers have been a problem in recent years with their inability to create full split and catches. TruMedia credits the Panthers with the most lost assists in 2020 and the second in 2019. They have shown some improvement this year having only the 12th most passes abandoned.

Desmond Ridder, Cincinnati: Stable stock

Ridder’s raw athletic ability is evident. He has an arm strong enough to play in the NFL, and his mobility has kept many games alive. However, his decision making is very frustrating. Ridder often throws himself into a tight blanket and those windows are closing even more in the NFL. He has no problem leading his receivers to a big hit. For all of these reasons, I cannot buy into the first round hype. The buzz about Ridder intensified, so I couldn’t wait to get back to his gang, but found that not much had changed in the past year.

Ridder is certainly capable of hammering and hammering a nail into a titanium beam, but those moments don’t outweigh the concerns. He could be the Kellen Mond type that teams attempt on Day 2 because of his athletic ability.