2022 NFL Mandatory Minicamps – Browns QB Deshawn Watson speaks; Kyler Murray, Lamar Jackson, Dalton Schultz train

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson spoke to the media, players such as Dallas Cowboys tight end Dalton Schultz, Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray and Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson reported for duty, while Washington commanders continued to navigate the fallout from defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio’s comments on the Jan. 6 insurgency as minicamps were in full swing Tuesday.

This week is the busiest of the minicamp season, as 17 teams train starting Tuesday. Last week, 12 teams participated in minicamps, with the Miami Dolphins going earlier and the Cincinnati Bengals and Philadelphia Eagles choosing not to have mandatory minicamps.

Here are some snapshots, including many of ESPN’s NFL Nation reporters who are at the scene of this week’s activities, from Tuesday’s minicamps:

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Deshaun Watson reiterates his innocence and regrets the impact of the lawsuits on Browns and his family
Watson reiterated on Tuesday that he is innocent of the numerous allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct during massage sessions that have been brought against him. Still, while the Browns quarterback once again said he doesn’t regret any of his actions, he admitted he regrets the impact the allegations have had on those around him.

Dalton Schultz shows up at Cowboys camp
After skipping the last week of volunteer-organized team activities, Dallas Cowboys tight end Dalton Schultz showed up for this week’s mandatory minicamp, sources confirmed. If Schultz had skipped minicamp, he would have faced fines totaling more than $95,000 over the three days.

Ron Rivera says Jack Del Rio’s apology to COs was ‘welcome’
Washington Commanders defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio apologized to the team on Tuesday for controversial comments he made last week, in which he called events at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 ” dust”. Washington coach Ron Rivera said Del Rio’s apology was “welcome” and added that his coordinator had met with several players to discuss his comments.

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“I can’t control this. I did everything they asked me to do. I answered every question the NFL asked me honestly. I spent hours with people. that they brought down. That’s all I can do is be honest and tell them what happened. They have a job and so I have to respect that. And that’s what we want to do is cooperate. They have to make a decision that is best for the league.

Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson on his looming off-field issues

“All of our thoughts and prayers go out to Kim and the Pegula family. They have done so much for me, my family, our team and the city of Buffalo. We collectively offer our prayers, support and the privacy they need. during this period.” ”

Bills coach Sean McDermott on co-owner Kim Pegula’s condition.

“It was really tough. We all expected to do more and play a lot better. A loss like that always hurts. It definitely fueled me in the offseason. All you can do is is letting it fuel you and prepare you for the next one. I’m motivated by anything. It definitely motivated me. Doubters or whatever. We’ll see.”

Titans running back Derrick Henry on handling last season’s playoff loss

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