$260 million investment of $500,000 from Carmelo Anthony that helped him cash in 800-1000%

Veteran NBA forward Carmelo Anthony’s net worth of $260 million benefits from investments in an array of industries, including avatar, hospitality, and media, to name a few- one.

Carmelo Anthony is one of the best comeback stories in the NBA in recent times. A top 10 goalscorer of all time, Melo was almost forced to retire in 2018 with no team in the league willing to bet on him. Nonetheless, the former scoring champion has always been confident in his abilities.

Anthony would finally have his chance to redeem himself with the Trail Blazers after sitting out an entire position he never looked back on. In what many believe, Melo was a victim of politics among the front offices, given that he was unemployed with the 6-All NBA team selections.

After playing 19 seasons in the league, Anthony stood out. The ten-time All-Star has earned $260 million from his salaries alone. Melo was among the known faces, with major brands wanting him on board. Many don’t know that the 38-year-old is quite a shrewd businessman.

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The former Knicks superstar has several businesses under his name and is also an angel investor.

A breakdown of Carmelo Anthony’s staggering net worth.

The first athlete to sign with the Jordan brand, Anthony is one of the popular names in the advertising world, associated with brands like Panini, Footlocker, Powercoco and Isotonix. No.7 has various businesses under its name, ranging from media production to wine.

Here are Melo’s 4 best investments.

The veteran striker received his best comeback from a phone accessories company called Mophie. In 2007, Melo made an angel investment of $500,000, earning him a return of 800-1000%. Apple sells its products and Zagg acquires them for over $100 million.

The first winner of the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Social Justice Champion, Anthony has donated over $5 million to the field of education.

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