3 names linked to Lakers as potential free agency targets

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No NBA team has disappointed as much as the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2021-22 season. It was a disastrous campaign as they entered as championship hopefuls but failed to even qualify for the NBA Play-In tournament.

Frank Vogel was fired shortly after the regular season finale, the first of what will be many changes this offseason for the purple and gold. The front office could also see an overhaul, but more than anything the roster needs some major changes.

There will be a lot of rumors surrounding Russell Westbrook this offseason, as Los Angeles tries to hit the reset button on the trade they made last offseason that backfired on him. Trading him won’t be easy and chances are the Lakers will be stuck with him.

This will make their decisions this offseason all the more important. Without a lot of money to spend, they will have to find bargains and hope for great results, like Malik Monk this season.

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Monk is one of three players mentioned at Launderer’s report as potential NBA free agency targets and it makes sense. He was one of their only bright spots this season, signing a minimum veteran contract and producing career high numbers at every level.

He may have set a price on LA for himself very well, but it’s a place where he’s comfortable, which will play in his free agency decision. However, it’s very easy to get comfortable in a new city if a team is willing to pay you tens of millions of dollars for the duration of your contract.

If they go that route again, Kris Dunn is someone who could be interesting. Dunn has struggled to hang on to a team since being drafted fifth overall in the 2015 NBA Draft by the Minnesota Timberwolves.

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A big reason for his struggles has been his inability to shoot the ball consistently. He has a career shooting line of .429/.299/.739, which isn’t very encouraging. However, the Lakers would benefit from his game and his excellent defense at the point of attack.

Spacing would be an issue with Dunn on the court, but his defense could make up for that, especially when you’re in the position the Lakers are when it comes to the salary cap. But, they might find spacing with the third person to make the list at Bleacher Report at TJ Warren.

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Warren hasn’t been able to do much the past two seasons because of a stress fracture in his foot. It couldn’t have been worse for him as the injury happened after he appeared in the Orlando bubble in 2020 with impressive scoring performances.

His NBA free agency will be intriguing as he has shown he can be an above average player in the league. But, being sidelined for essentially two seasons is a serious blow against him.

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Warren is the kind of low-risk, high-reward signing the Lakers need to pursue. If he’s healthy, he provides much of what the team is looking for, and with limited options to improve the roster, he’s worth a shot.