3 players the Timberwolves must pursue by 2022 NBA trade deadline


The core of the Minnesota Timberwolves was built to thrive on the offensive end of the field, but over the past few years their defense has been disastrous. Head coach Chris Finch is also shaping his attacking plans to harness the full potential of Karl Anthony-Towns, Anthony Edwards and D’Angelo Russell. The front office beefed up their defense by adding Patrick Beverley in the offseason and inserting Jarred Vanderbilt and Jaden McDaniels to play alongside Towns.

There have even been some pushes that Minnesota have been outstanding defensively this season, but it hasn’t been consistent for the Timberwolves to compete with powers in the Western Conference. As the trade deadline approaches and Minnesota is hoping to reach the play-in tournament, the team could acquire coins to complete Edwards and Towns.

Larry Nance Jr.

Many teams that will be buyers by the trade deadline might use Larry Nance Jr. in their rotation because of his versatility and ability to adapt to any type of system. Minnesota pushes the ball a ton with Edwards and Russell at the forefront, creating several opportunities for Nance to run and convert his rim-rocking jams.

Even with Towns on the bench, Nance Jr. could play with Naz Reid in the second unit if Finch decides to continue pitching Vanderbilt alongside Towns. The Portland Trail Blazers seem to dislike Nance’s fit with their style of play, but he could fit into a young and up-and-coming squad. Offloading Taurean Prince’s expiring contract and adding a draft pick is a deal that would satisfy both parties.

Thaddeus Young

Acquiring Thaddeus Young from the San Antonio Spurs for Prince seems like a boring trade for both organizations, but Young can provide the veteran experience and essential advice for Towns and Edwards. Young will be unlikely to stay in Minnesota for the foreseeable future, but this year when the Timberwolves’ goal is to participate in the play-in tournament will be integral to their growth and development.

Young will complete the talented duo as they do the dirty work of looking for a position in the block to grab rebounds and put bruising screens on pesky defenders. He’s been in the league for over 10 years now, and he brings the winning mindset and attitude that is necessary for a franchise like Minnesota.

Jerami grant

As the Timberwolves roam the trading market, the Detroit Pistons are just one of the few teams who are very likely to be sellers because their team is not going anywhere this season. Jerami Grant is their highest paid player, and it doesn’t look like he’s on their rebuilding schedule as he’s already 27.

With Minnesota lacking an athletic forward with a multitude of skills, they must seize the opportunity to trade against Grant, who only has two years left on his contract. Additionally, the Timberwolves have a few young assets and payrolls that might convince Detroit to close the deal. Grant could also be the missing piece for Minnesota to elevate their team to a level that would be competitive in the play-in tournament and potentially make it into the top-eight in the conference.

With the exception of the 2018 season with Jimmy Butler, the last time the Timberwolves made the playoffs was in 2004 with Kevin Garnett as team leader. Their front office must continue to grow and surround Edwards and Towns with phenomenal individuals who will show up in the most critical games of the season. As Edwards and Towns continue to grow with their playoff experience, it’s critical to have athletes who could complement their sensational tandem.

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