3 rocket transactions involving Eric Gordon to consider

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There is no shortage of NBA veterans and Eric Gordon could be the last seasoned player to be on the move in the near future.

While the 32-year-old shooting guard is under contract until the 2023-24 season, the final year of his contract is not guaranteed, so he is only truly under contract during the 2022-2023 season for the team that exchanges for him.

Gordon owes $ 18.2million this season, then $ 19.6million next season, which is certainly a lot for any team at this point after free agency, but there are still some teams that might be willing to accept his contract.

He only played 27 games last year due to a groin injury, but before missing the rest of the year, Eric Gordon was averaging 17.8 points, 2.6 assists decisive and shot 43.3% from the ground.

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For his career, Gordon shot 36.8 percent from three points and was one of many Houston title contenders that never managed to break through and advance to the NBA Finals. There is no doubt that the veteran goaltender can contribute at a high level on both ends of the pitch and his time in Houston seems to be coming to an end.

Eric Gordon is open to exchange, according to Kelly Iko of The Athletic, and the Rockets should be more than willing to leave him. Houston finished 17-55 last year, the worst in the league, and they’ll be rebuilding themselves in the coming seasons.

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Considering he’s at the end of his career, the Rockets really don’t need to hang on to Gordon and his contract, which is why they’ll likely look to move him before the trade deadline this season. future.

So where could Eric Gordon end up and what can Houston expect to achieve for him in terms of value? Let’s take a look at three different trading packages the Rockets might consider involving Gordon and possibly some additional incentives for a team that is willing to take their paycheck.