4 Best Bucks Guard Destinations

Despite going a blazing 10-1, first-place finish in the Eastern Conference 2022-23 NBA season, the Milwaukee Bucks are resting on their laurels. Wisconsin Reports say the team is making calls and exploring Grayson Allen’s business market. The former Duke Blue Devil is having a fine offensive season, shooting 42.6 percent from behind the arc and scoring 10.8 points in 26.8 minutes per game. However, slow-footed Allen is more of a defensive liability than the Bucks would like. Regardless of who the Bucks trade with, the team would likely want to just ditch Allen and get a defensive upgrade in return. With that in mind, here are Grayson Allen’s top four shopping destinations.

To the Phoenix Suns for Jae Crowder

Grayson Allen trade rumors center around a Bucks trade with the Phoenix Suns. Jae Crowder’s drama is no closer to resolution for the Suns, and with his replacement, Cam Johnson, out for at least a month now, the Suns can’t afford to keep Crowder on the shelf any longer.

The Bucks would have long liked Crowder, and his hard-nosed 3 and D style would fit well as part of a rotation with Jordan Nwora and Bobby Portis.

On the Suns side, in addition to turning Crowder into a hot body, Allen would be a good replacement for Devin Booker and an instant attack off the bench. With a more traditional rim protector in Deandre Ayton and Mikal Bridges on the ground with Allen, his lack of defense wouldn’t be as pronounced.

At the Atlanta Hawks for Justin Holiday

The Milwaukee Bucks already have a vacation brother they love. Why not make two?

Justin Holiday is playing 19.7 minutes per game this season for the Atlanta Hawks and is averaging 6.8 points on 34.5% 3-point shooting. The Hawks are 22nd in the league in 3-point shooting, hitting 33.4 percent of their shots. Allen’s 42.6% would help that number.

In that Bucks trade, Milwaukee would get the defensive advantages that Holiday brings to Allen at roughly the same position. Since there’s not a ton of incentive, though, for Atlanta to make that deal while sitting in fourth place in the East. Maybe the Bucks throw in a second-round pick to sweeten the pot. Additionally, the Hawks should include the lightly used Vit Krejci to run the salaries.

To the Dallas Mavericks for Dwight Powell

The Dallas Mavericks had a hot run in late October/early November days, going 5-1 during that streak. Still, overall the team is squarely in the middle of the pack. A big reason for that is the team’s 35% 3-point shooting in 19th place.

Putting shooters around Luka Doncic is the winning formula for the Mavericks, and a Grayson Allen trade would help that. Defense would still be an issue, but with the pace at which the Mavericks are playing and the general composition of the team, Allen would work in Big D.

In return, the Bucks would get center Dwight Powell. The nine-year NBA veteran has lost a lot of playing time to Christian Wood this season, and the Mavericks also have JaVale McGee behind him. He would help the Bucks’ defense and be a great replacement for Brook Lopez, who at 34 is already playing plenty of minutes (31.5 per game) this season.

To the Golden State Warriors for James Wiseman

Last but not least, if the Bucks are already making calls to find Grayson Allen trade destinations, why not make a long call to the Golden State Warriors and see if big prospect James Wiseman is available for Allen and some picks?


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Wiseman was the No. 2 pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, but after a lousy rookie season and an entire failed 2021-22 campaign with injury, the center is back and not playing too well. In 10 games, he is averaging 13.8 minutes, 4.0 rebounds, 0.4 blocks and 7.3 points per game.

Those numbers aren’t very appealing for a Bucks trade, but maybe Milwaukee will take a chance because of the former Memphis Tiger’s potential.

They could trade Allen for Wiseman directly and, at worst, the young big man would be a good replacement for Lopez, who is already playing too many minutes at the start of the season (see above). At best, the Bucks could hit a surprise home run and get the much-thrown James Wiseman just over two years ago.

For the Warriors, they’re floundering at 4-7 and need to make some moves. Maybe they go all-in on offense and bring in Allen while collecting picks for the future in case this season becomes a washout.

This Grayson Allen trade is unlikely to happen, but it’s worth calling the Bay Area.