420 friendly NBA won’t test drug players for marijuana

The NBA Players Union posted a memo who announced that the NBA will not be random drug testing of its players for marijuana in the next season.

The NBA is continuing its amended policy of not testing its players for marijuana. (Image: High Times)

The NBA is doing more to make sure its players stay away from performance enhancing drugs and harsher substances such as opiates.

During the restart in the summer of 2020, the league changed its drug testing policy and agreed to ban marijuana. The same policy continued last season and will continue for the next 2021-22 season. According to the NBA collective agreement, marijuana is banned by the league, but times change after Adam Silver decides to take a lax approach.

The 420’s friendly news follows a deluge of bad press surrounding unvaccinated players, especially Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets. Players on home teams in New York and San Francisco need to be vaccinated to play, which affects the New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets and Golden State Warriors. Rules established by the New York and San Francisco health authorities do not apply to visiting teams.

Several NBA players have a reputation for being passionate about marijuana, including Kevin Durant of the Nets. A recent book titled I can’t hit the hustle and bustle, detailed Durant’s penchant for smoking blunts so much that the Nets looked away when their star player flared up after home games at the Barclays center. It’s one thing for the arena to smell marijuana after a Phish gig, but it’s a bit unusual to sniff the pungent aroma of high-end Northern California Kush after an NBA game.

In the NFL, the league has an uncompromising approach to marijuana, despite the massive shift towards acceptance in mainstream society. Unlike the NBA, the NFL will test its players for marijuana. Josh Gordon, one of the NFL’s most notorious weed smokers, recently signed with the Kansas City Chiefs in hopes of revitalizing his career after serving another suspension due to his marijuana use.