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There are only four games in the NBA tonight, which is a perfect opportunity to use Awesemo OddsShopper to build some of the best NBA parlay picks today. Using this fantastic site can help place smart bets in an easy to use way and maximize the return on investment from bets. It is really a simple bet since you can find the best bet in 30 seconds or less. Take these NBA bets today, then head over to OddsShopper and find your best odds.

NBA Picks & Parlays Today: Top Betting Picks

The first step is to find which sport to bet on, so that the banner at the top of the screen separates the sports. Once on the NBA page, it’s super easy to customize the teams and players on the left side of the page.

Now, if you miss any of the ratings highlighted in the article because it has changed, don’t worry. The lines do not always stay the same because they are updated every two minutes. There will be examples of when you can still bet based on Awesemo’s projections. It’s also easy to sort the props based on the style you want to bet, meaning you can choose the highest ROI or the highest expected win rate.

As a general rule of thumb, the best approach is to combine the highest ROI with the expected success rate, and this process should take less than 30 seconds to filter what you’re looking for. As a reminder, betting props individually is always a smart way to build your bankroll. Let’s find out which are the best-projected bets for Sunday and build some NBA parlay picks.

Brandon Ingram over 5.5 rebounds

Ingram and the pelicans take the Houston rockets and Houston is only 15th in rebounds per game this season. Ingram is averaging 6.3 rebounds per game as is and has 9.8 chances per night and any Rockets game will have a good pace. They are first in the league while the Pelicans are 19th, so there should be more opportunities for Ingram. Both teams have mobile centers in Jonas Valanciunas and Christian wood. They both average over 17 rebound chances per night, but after them Ingram is going to be a key player on the glass for New Orleans. Shopper odds has Ingram and an expected win rate of 67%.

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Ish Smith under 4.5 rebounds

The Hornets find themselves extremely shorthanded tonight as Bal LaMelo, Terry Rozier, and feather mason are all out. Black-smith is going to have to play a ton of minutes tonight but he’s not going to fight for a lot of rebounds. He’s only averaging about 12 minutes per game this year and barely exceeds a rebound per game. The hawks are seventh in rebounds per game and have one of the league’s best individual rebounders in Clint Capela. Shopper odds Smith recorded four rebounds or fewer at an expected win rate of 71%.

Daniel Gafford Over 9.5 points

The two Raptors and Wizards are in the bottom half of the league in points allowed in the paint and Gafford scores 6.8 points per game in the paint. He will share his time with Montrezl Harrell at the central position for Washington but he plays for more than 20 minutes a night. Gafford has shown some positives in good games and he has scored 11, 14 and 18 points against weak teams in the paint of the Mavericks, Timberwolves and Spurs. CotesShoppera Gafford at an expected win rate of 58% and that will cap the three-legged parlay.

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