Bills, Dolphins and Chargers among NFL teams with brightest future

For many promising NFL teams, the future is now. But which teams have the brightest prospects?

With the draft having come and gone, with most of free agency over and most teams already heading to the field for OTAs, now is the time to look ahead and make projections for the season. coming.

FOX Sports’ Marcellus Wiley and Emmanuel Acho did just that on “Speak For Yourself.” On Wednesday, the pair broke down their five teams with the league’s best futures.

Let’s take a look at their lists.

Bills, Chargers among five NFL teams with best futures

Bills, Chargers among five NFL teams with best futures

Marcellus Wiley and Emmanuel Acho list the top five NFL teams with the brightest future. Find out where the Los Angeles Chargers, Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills land.

Acho’s List

5. Miami Dolphins

Acho’s thoughts: “I think the future for the Miami Dolphins is incredibly bright. It’s not just about Tua [Tagovailoa] for me. It’s about Mike McDaniel. The more I talked to players who played for the 49ers, the more they said he was really the mastermind behind them. When he became the offensive coordinator, Deebo Samuel became a first-team All-Pro, all of a sudden he leads the league in total yards. It’s a young team, I trust Tua and I trust Mike McDaniel.”

4. Los Angeles Chargers

Acho’s thoughts: “We know what kind of player Justin Herbert is, and we know what kind of manager Brandon Staley is. The only reason they’re not higher: their division is the toughest in football.”

3. Philadelphia Eagles

Acho’s thoughts: “It’s not just how good you are. It’s the teams they play against. Washington and New York, I don’t think they’re going to be that good in the future. Jalen Hurts, Nick Sirianni, AJ Brown, DeVonta Smith, Dallas Goedert, then defensively, Jordan Davis, Darius Slay and they just received [James] Bradberry. Then you have a linebacker, Nakobe Dean from Georgia. They look ready, they’re a very talented team with an influx of youngsters.”

2. Cincnnati Bengals

Acho’s thoughts: “Joe Burrow in his sophomore year went to the Super Bowl. What better future can you have? His freshman year healthy, he was in the biggest game of the season. They beefed up the offensive line, they got three new starters there, they were getting kicked out too much.”

1. Buffalo Tickets

Acho’s thoughts: “Josh Allen is young, talented and athletic. Coach Sean McDermott is amazing. Now here’s a question: Daboll is gone. I was just talking to some Giants players, they say Daboll is brilliant. I’m interested to see at how good Josh Allen will be without his offensive coordinator.”

Wiley’s List

5. Los Angeles Rams

Wiley’s thoughts: “Do you think Matthew Stafford left Detroit, and his freshman year in LA won a Super Bowl, and is now about to drop? I just saw Stafford, and he told me he felt better than all last year. He was playing through an injury, he got his elbow fixed, and we’re going to see a better version of him and the Rams.”

4. Miami Dolphins

Wiley’s thoughts: “Tua was the No. 1 quarterback rookie that went to Alabama when he was offensive. Then he has the best quarterback rating in college football history, then goes to Miami and has a bunch problems. Now the way is clear and clear: They are going to the ball.”

3. Kansas City Chiefs

Wiley’s thoughts: “Andy Reid has come to the conclusion that he doesn’t need a [star] recipient. It’s Andy Reid. He can plan them to succeed, and that’s why Patrick Mahomes had a better passer rating without Tyreek Hill. Mahomes gets the ball back. Reid did it in Philadelphia, and Mahomes is an upgrade from Donovan McNabb.”

2. Buffalo Notes

Wiley’s thoughts: “I was thinking of number 1, but there is a change of attacking coordinator. I want to see how they perform under new circumstances.”

1. Los Angeles Chargers

Wiley’s thoughts: “When you bring in a Khalil Mack – now all of a sudden they’re balanced. Justin Herbert might be the best young QB in the league, it might be Josh Allen, but he has to deal with that change. “

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