Dennis Schroder speaks out against the hatred of refusing the Lakers extension

Dennis Schroder has become the butt of every joke during the offseason after facing an icy market for his services. He ended up securing a $ 5.9 million deal with the Boston Celtics, adding even more fuel to the flames against him on Twitter.

The Celtics goalie has been brutally honest about what he thinks about all the hype about his drastic drop in salary demand. Schroder sent an audio message for the seemingly endless hatred he had received.

Going through Ronald Agers from SLAM:

“It’s one thing,” Schroder said on the Celtics media day. “But they wanted to talk, and at the end of the day my agent and I decided not to sign this contract. At the end of the day, I feel like, for me personally, I have to be comfortable with the environment I am in.

“Money isn’t everything,” continued the Celtics goaltender. “I want to be comfortable in a situation where I know people like me. How it all happened, you just have to look to the future and try to keep improving yourself and try to show people what you are capable of, and it will all come back.

Dennis Schroder definitely had the small end of the stick when it came to pay. His skill level and his work probably deserve a much higher annual salary and more than a year of guarantee that he received from the Celtics.

But at the end of the day, money isn’t the only metric that matters. He’s already made a ton of dough over his eight years in the NBA. If Dennis Schroder can take advantage of the opportunity that presents itself in Boston, then the money will eventually follow.

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