Draymond Green goes totally wild on ‘dumb athletes’

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green has never expressed an opinion he dislikes. That’s what makes him one of the most interesting players in recent NBA history.

Green’s perpetually running mouth has gotten him in trouble on several occasions in the past. And with his last messages on Twitter, it’s safe to assume the Warriors star will receive rave reviews from fellow athletes. Because basically Green admitted that athletes are, uh, read it for yourself.

“I hope one day athletes will stop fighting (the argument that) athletes are stupid. We really are. We are the CEOs of a company. Yet 90% don’t understand the company But have the nerve to get mad when someone says athletes are stupid.

Yes, he went there.

Green, however, probably sensing that people might think he’s putting everyone in the same basket (including his Warriors teammates), provided a quick clarification.

Green, 31, has always been an eloquent guy. He can say what he thinks and he is not afraid to do so. He’s also not terrified of pushing certain buttons, making him a great source for NBA players’ perspectives on many issues.

Green is still out for the Warriors 42-17 with his back injury. While his return is still unscheduled, the four-time All-Star said he’s been feeling good and progressing well.

In the meantime, he’ll be cheering on the Warriors and of course calling guys who are, uh, what’s the opposite of not stupid?

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