Fantasy Football: 10 Biggest NFL Week 2 Reactions | Fantasy Football News, Rankings and Screenings

  • The patriots are reduced to a committee of two men: Damien Harris and Rhamander Stevenson split third-party snapshots with Ty Montgomery on injured reserve, improving both of their fantastic prospects.
  • Rookie wide receiver distribution: Both Garrett Wilson and Chris Olave were huge parts of their offenses in Week 2, which will help their fantastic prospects in the long run, but maybe not in the short run.
  • Darren Wallerthe disconcerting performance of: Waller had a solid stat line for a fantastic tight end, but the Raiders aren’t using him as much this season as they have in the past.
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PFF fantasy football The recap focuses on player usage and stats, breaking down all the vital information you need to achieve fantasy success in 2022. Here we only cover players who are relevant in fantasy football leagues.

These are my 10 biggest reactions to Sunday’s Week 2 slate matches. For a more detailed breakdown, check out my Sunday recap.

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Patriots become a two-man backfield

Ty Montgomery was the third clear round in Week 1, but landed on injured reserve. New England gave their other two backs more playing time in Week 2 rather than bringing a third player into the rotation.

    • The Patriots turned their backs by practice rather than situation. Typically, the only times the two backs saw snaps on a drive was when the drive was lasting double-digit plays.
    • This means the Patriots had no preference for Damien Harris Where Rhamander Stevenson on the third trials, and both are likely to be used there in the immediate future if healthy.
    • Harris injured his knee on the last normal offensive play of the Patriots game. We do not know at the moment how serious it is.
    • If Harris runs out of time, Stevenson would become a go-to player, as he would see a clear majority of offensive snaps.
    • Pierre Strong Jr.The only attacking snaps came on all three knees to end the game.

Dameon Pierceemergence

Pierce became the player we expected to see in Week 1, gaining 69 yards on 15 carries.

    • It handled a clear majority of shots in early testing, leading Rex Burkhead to not have a single carry.
    • Pierce played a few snaps on third downs, but they were all relatively short. Three of them had two yards to go or less and counted as short distance in the chart below, while one was on a third and four.
    • Pierce is unlikely to see so many snaps in the future. Burkhead still received every two-minute drill slam and every third slam five yards or more.
    • The Texans will see clearer passing situations against other opponents, which will result in fewer snaps.
    • This makes Pierce a potential high-selling player.

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