Gabriel Deck’s role with the 2021-22 team

It’s almost time for Thunder Nation again! On Monday, September 27, the OKC Thunder will host its annual media day with several new players making their podium debuts. On Tuesday, September 28, head coach Mark Daigneault and his staff will kick off 2021-22 training camp.

As of this post, the team are expected to bring 18 players to the camp, including 16 vying for a varsity post and both players have signed two-way contracts (Aaron Wiggins, Paul Watson). Sam Presti could add two more players because each NBA team can bring 20 players to the camp. While we haven’t heard anything definitively, it’s something the Thunder have benefited from in previous seasons.

One of the reasons the VP may choose to stick with fewer bodies this season is that there are so many youngsters in the club and Daigneault may want to give them as much playing time as possible at camp to determine where they fit in and which alignments work. better together.

As Presti noted during his media session yesterday, the pandemic has not given the club the opportunity to host so many training sessions, which is essential for developing talent, especially a young squad.

OKC Thunder welcomes Gabriel Deck back from overseas

A surprise addition is 6’8 ″ forward Gabriel Bridge who returns from a stay abroad to join the club. Deck competed in the Olympics with his Argentina national team.

In early August, Rylan Stiles announced that Deck had returned abroad with the belief that his intentions were to join his Euro-League team (Real Madrid). Therefore, his return to Oklahoma City was a bit of a surprise.

Last season, the forward played 10 games for the OKC Thunder, averaging 8.4 points, 4.0 rebounds, 2.4 assists and 0.8 steals in 21.2 minutes.

Although the Wing provided a bit of everything in his toolbox and shot the ball well from the midrange (57.7%) and charity strip (81.8%), he has struggled since the scope (13.3%).

The Thunder signed a three-year partially guaranteed deal with Deck that could earn them $ 11 million. He has guaranteed $ 3,676,852 this season as of Jan. 10, 2022 while the team has an option on his 2022-2023 salary with a deadline of June 30, 2023.

It seemed unlikely the Thunder wouldn’t have the comeback forward for this season given the lack of veterans on the squad and the hoops they went through to get it in the first place. With him back at OKC, it would make sense for him to be used as a mentor to help several young people develop their full range of assets. Deck can play multiple positions, especially on the offensive end of the hard court, and is a quality playmaker.

Expect Deck to spend time helping develop Darius Bazley, Jeremiah Robinson-Earl and Isaiah Roby in particular as Daigneault tries to anchor his big guys in the positionless system and improve their passing.

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