Garbajosa: “The medals are still within our reach”


The president of the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB), Jorge Garbajosa, highlighted the “courage and ambition” of his organization when it comes to consolidating and launching various projects, and assured that despite the fact of not having obtained excellent selection results lately “the medals are still” within “reach”.

“We are courageous, all of us, the FEB team, this assembly and all the governmental and management bodies. We were brave and ambitious, and above all, it went well for us. Because when misfortunes rained down and everything seemed impossible, we could have crumpled up, assumed fate with resignation and entered into a state of shock, but we didn’t, all together we gritted our teeth and we succeeded that and brilliantly,” he said at the FEB’s Ordinary General Assembly held this Saturday in Madrid.

In addition, he thanked the “determination and courage” of the members of the FEB and the Autonomous Federations to carry out all the projects, which revolve around four main pillars: the rise of women’s basketball, 3×3 and competitions, development of special events and federal digitization. “To say basketball is healthy seems like an understatement to me, we are strong and ready to face the future with the belief that we will continue to grow,” she said.

Regarding the competitions, Garbajosa pointed out that the LEB Oro has been favored “by the stability” obtained with the promotions and the descents and the arrival of “great historical clubs”, as well as “the impressive appearance of a holder of the NBA ring and world champion like Marc Gasol”. “All competitions have benefited from the increased visibility we have achieved through agreements with TV operators and retransmissions via platforms such as Canal FEB, Twitter or Twitch “, he indicated.

He also pointed to the “success” of the “modernization of the structure of the pyramid of women’s competitions”. “This is the first season in which the men’s competition has been paired with three competitions within the FEB: LF Endesa, LF Challenge and LF 2. In total, 60 teams, 51 cities in 15 Autonomous Communities, more than 700 players and more than 900 games And with this new league we have seen great growth in our best women’s competition, LF Endesa, which in my opinion is at the best moment in its history. essential the arrival of a sponsor for this competition”, he recalled.

The boss of the FEB, who insisted on the “dazzling take-off” of 3×3 thanks to the Herbalife 3×3 Series circuit and “the great success of the women’s team, current European champions”, assured that they will try to continue to achieve “international events, improve competitions, expand promotional activities or develop unique projects such as the basketball gala, the Hall of Fame or the Centenary organization”.

“I am absolutely convinced that the organization of international events or competitions, as well as the constant search for activities, must be an essential part of our roadmap and therefore we will continue to work on it,” he said. added.

In another vein, he says he is satisfied to have been able to improve the economic situation “despite the enormous difficulties of the last two years”. “Balancing the budget has been a key factor in overcoming the pandemic, not only without making cuts, but also by increasing investment in the activity and allocating an important post to the aid program for autonomous federations, clubs and at other levels of our organization,” he explained. . . “We did not apply any magic formula, we simply carried out good management based on three principles: seriousness, transparency and ambition”, he continued.

Regarding the results of the senior teams, he admitted that it was not “the best year”, although he recalled the victory of the women’s 3×3 at the European Championship. “Even if we don’t have the medal around our necks, the important thing is to keep our heads up. And I think that’s the spirit of our teams,” she said.

“The results, in any case, do not determine the future, apart from not participating in the Women’s World Cup; our teams continue to be podium contenders in any competition, as evidenced by the fact that both sit second in the world rankings behind the United States. Last summer it was not possible, but the medals are still within our reach and the vast majority of our opponents believe it,” he stressed.

In this sense, he was delighted to be able to count on Miguel Méndez as a women’s coach, “the Spanish coach considered the best in Europe after winning three consecutive editions of the Euroleague with Yekaterinburg”. “Furthermore, he is a coach who has worked with our lower teams and knows Spanish basketball and our internationals perfectly. His debut could not have been better,” she said.

“The contribution of our great captain Laia Palau as Team Manager will be extraordinary. Her quality of person, her experience, her knowledge of basketball and, above all, the leadership she has exercised in recent years, are the guarantee that she will be of great support to everyone, “he said. for follow-up.

Finally, Garbajosa was pleased to have been able to organize the Spanish championships for clubs and regional teams “in due time”. “Organizing the Championships with the uncertainty of the dates and the threat of the pandemic was heroic and, of course, a great success judging by the magnificent comments from the vast majority of participants,” he concluded. .

The Assembly was attended by the President of the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE), Alejandro Blanco, while the President of the Superior Sports Council (CSD), José Manuel Franco, intervened through a video.