Gilbert Arenas’ $20 million dinosaur revelation about Larry Bird’s top 10 player status

Former NBA player Gilbert Arenas believes Celtics legend Larry Bird can easily be replaced by Stephen Curry in the all-time top 10.

It seems like nothing can stop Gilbert Arenas, who made headlines for his controversial statements late on. Recently, the three-time All-Star caused a storm with his comments about Giannis Antetokounmpo claiming the Greek Freak doesn’t understand basketball.

The above statements from Arenas earned him a lot of criticism, which led to him being heavily followed on social media. Nonetheless, Agent Zero stuck to his words that Giannis was not a top 3 player in the league. If that wasn’t enough, Arena’s recent remarks about Celtics legend Larry Bird have once again left many fans furious.

While arguing for Stephen Curry in the list of the 10 Greatest Players of All Time, Arenas was quick to drop Bird’s name from the list, calling the latter’s game a dinosaur.

“We’re trying to compare his (Curry) style to a dinosaur style, you know what I mean?” said the former Wizards player. “So when someone says, ‘Well, how are you going to drop like Larry Bird? Easy, easy, easy, as I can do so easily.

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Arenas had his reasoning for the statements above, which might make his head shake. The former 6th MOY thinks today’s game is much more evolved and intense than it was in previous eras, adding that he wouldn’t consider players before the 90s on his top 10 list best.

Gilbert Arenas’ wild theory that Larry Bird isn’t the all-time top 10.

With a net worth of $20 million, Arenas failed to reach his potential as a player, thanks to his MCL injury robbing him of what could have been a great career. Nonetheless, the 6ft 4ft former playmaker possessed an unreal IQ and knowledge of the sport, which he uses to the fullest via his broadcasting career and his podcast.

During a recent appearance on VLAD TV, Arenas made some sensational revelations, including talking about the previous era of NBA players. When asked where he would rank reigning Finals MVP Stephen Curry among the greatest of all time, Arenas said he definitely has the Warriors guard on his list of the 10 greatest of all. time, having no qualms about removing Bird from the roster in exchange.

(Time stamp: mark 1:54)

Arenas described Bird’s game as a dinosaur, adding that the game was much faster today. The former Wizards guard refused to take top 10 players who played before the 90s, ruling out legends like Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Wilt Chamberlain, to name a few.

Citing 12 to 15 teams, compared to today’s 30 franchises, Arenas said Russell wouldn’t have won in the current era.

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