Golden State Warriors News: An Overview of Dubs NBA Draft Lottery Odds

The Golden State Warriors are entering another pivotal offseason. After missing the playoffs for the second year in a row, GM Bob Myers needs to improve the lineup around Stephen Curry’s core, Klay thompson and Draymond Green.

The Warriors have limited financial resources to add significant elements around the Big 3. Golden State only has the $ 5.9 million mid-level exception to sign a veteran in free agency, but has two big advantages to it. its layout.

Warriors could have two lottery picks in 2021 NBA Draft. Golden State will have its own selection and could potentially get the Minnesota Timber Wolves‘choose if it is not in the top three. If the T-Wolves selection lands in the top three, the selection will not be protected and will pass to the Warriors in 2022.

It would be a huge plus for the Warriors to get lucky in the NBA Draft Lottery, which is scheduled for June 22. The consensus is that the top five picks all have the potential to be future All-Stars.

An NBA executive told ESPN’s Mike Schmitz why he was bullish in the top five.

“This top five is potentially as strong as any of the other projects [since 2000]”Said a senior NBA official.” There are years when the No.1 pick would never be the No.1 pick again. Some drafts don’t have that No.1 pick. . I am a big fan. There is the legitimate power of the stars [in the top 5]. “

The five highest rated prospects (in no particular order) are Cade Cunningham, Evan Mobley, Jalen Green, Jalen Suggs and Jonathan Kuminga. Each brings their own unique skills to the table, but it looks like Cunningham is the favorite to be selected first overall.

Getting lucky in the lottery will open up more options for Myers. The Warriors could look to bundle the two picks together to acquire another star-level player or choose to try to add more young talent to support Curry, Thompson and Green.

After adding center James Wiseman with the second overall pick in 2020, Myers could use both picks to help the Warriors create a core for future success as the Big 3 enter the twilight of their careers.

The Warriors will need a little luck to progress. Here are the odds of their two selections.

Golden State has the 14th best chance of winning the lottery with just 0.5%. The Warriors also have 2.4% to land a top-four pick.

Minnesota enters the lottery with the sixth best chance of getting the No.1 pick.

In the top three: 27.6%
No.4: 9.6%
# 5: Zero percent (T-Wolves can’t go up one spot due to the lottery structure)
No.6: 8.6%
No.7: 29.7%
No.8: 20.6%
No.9: 3.7%
No. 10: 0.2%

The team with the best odds has won the lottery in four of the past six seasons. The last time a franchise with odds 10th or lower won the lottery was in 1993, when the Magic of Orlando – which had the 11th best odds – rose to No.1. More recently, the the Los Angeles Lakers went from 11th best rating to 4th place in 2019, but that pick (De’Andre Hunter) was sent to Atlanta hawks in a store before the project.

This is where the team with the sixth best chance of entering the lottery ended up selecting the previous five versions.

2015: 6
2016: 6
2017: 7
2018: 7
2019: 8

Even though the numbers don’t favor the Warriors, they still hope the ping pong balls bounce their way. If luck is on their side and they are able to secure a top four pick, it opens up a lot of possibilities for Myers.

Andrew Wiggins should probably be included in any deal to land an established veteran in order to match wages. But the lure of adding another high-end young talent would be hard for Myers to pass up if the selection arrives at No.4.

What do you think Myers will make of choices if he gets one in the top four? Would you rather have the Warriors try to add young talent or use them in a trade to bring in an established veteran?