How Heat’s Udonis Haslem Beats Stephen Curry’s Salary

Udonis Haslem is going to be back for 20 years. The veteran Miami Heat postponed his retirement again after announcing on Sunday that he would return next season. Haslem considered a handful of important factors before making his decision, but there’s no denying that the financial aspect also played a key role in all of this.

Haslem may not have been a constant fixture in the Heat’s rotation over the past few years, but he’s still getting paid. So much so that the 42-year-old actually makes more money per minute than other NBA superstars like Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant (h/t HoopsHype on Twitter):

The second guy on the list is John Wall, who recently signed with the Los Angeles Clippers. Wall has only played 40 games in the past three years despite earning over $40 million per season.

For comparison, Udonis Haslem has pocketed “only” $10.7 million in total over the past five years. However, he played fair 42 games for the Heat during that span, averaging 6.6 minutes per contest. That’s undeniably a lot of money for such a short amount of time on the basketball court. To put it into perspective, Curry and Durant don’t even earn half of what Haslem pockets per minute. Wow.

Either way, the Heat are more than happy to pay Haslem regardless of his lack of playing time. He’s an integral part of the team, and his leadership, influence, and veteran presence are all invaluable factors he brings to the table. You simply cannot duplicate them.