How Much Do NBA Floor Cleaners Earn?

Photo by Ross D. Franklin-Pool/Getty Images

When describing a big win, sometimes the phrase “you mopped the floor with them” is used, which simply means that person really beat the other person. But in the NBA, that floor is in pristine condition before the other team gets beat up because of some hard-working people whose job it is to clean it up. So how much do these unsung heroes earn? Before we dive into that, let’s take a quick look at the history of basketball and the NBA.

The history of basketball

Basketball was invented in 1891 by Springfield College physical education graduate student James Naismith. Like many things, basketball was born out of necessity. During the cold Massachusetts winter months, students needed something to stay physically active indoors. So the innovator Naismith came up with a game to do just that. The original nets and baskets were actually fishing baskets nailed to the balcony of the gymnasium.

The first public game took place the following year on March 12, 1892 at the YMCA where it was invented. It was a competition between the students and their teachers. From there the popular game quickly spread to other schools, and in 1905 it was officially recognized in secondary schools as a permanent winter sport.

NBA History

The first professional basketball league was called the National Basketball League, also known as the NBL. It was formed in 1898 and consisted of 13 teams located in the northeast. It was short-lived, lasting only five years, but it would pave the way for the NBA as we know it today. It will return to 1937 and eventually merge with the NBA.

The National Basketball Association was formed in 1949 when the NBL and the Basketball Association of America joined forces. The league started with 17 teams and although its financial history was not always smooth, it eventually grew into what we know today.

Support staff

It takes a surprising number of people to run a successful NBA team. There are the positions that come to mind immediately like players, coaches, and trainers, as well as the lesser-known positions like massage therapists, media liaisons, psychologists, dentists, and floor cleaners.

Floor cleaners

Floor cleaners in the NBA make a living wage. The average NBA floor cleaner salary is $80,000. Salary is based on seniority and the shift the floor cleaner works for. Entry-level newbie cleaners earn $39,000. It goes up to $80,000 after a few years of experience. After five years, it has the ability to go up to $95,000.

There are additional benefits to being an NBA floor cleaner, too. We don’t work a boring 9-5 job. One is to be close to the game of basketball and all the excitement that brings. But it is also a lot of hard and important physical work. It’s not easy to deal with all the sweat, drool and sometimes even blood spilled on the floors. Maintaining clean floors helps keep players safe and prevent injuries.

How to register

If you’re interested in being an NBA floor cleaner, you can check Linkedin, Indeed, and the NBA website for job postings. This is a highly sought after job, so make sure your CV is up to date.