If Charles Barkley, worth $50 million, received current NBA salaries, he would go to games in a spaceship like “Leroy Jetson”

When Charles Barkley talks about the difference in salary in the NBA compared to previous eras, it might sound like a joke, but the Chuckster says it with a bleeding heart.

There is a massive shift in how things work in the NBA now compared to how they worked in previous eras. Not just in terms of play, but even in terms of salary.

While Larry Bird and Magic Johnson didn’t earn more than $25 million during their NBA careers. They were primarily responsible for taking the game’s popularity to a level it had never seen in the 80s.

Meanwhile, 90s superstars Michael Jordan, 6x MVP and 6x champion, earned $90 million in 15 seasons and Hakeem Olajuwon, 2x MVP and 2x champion, earned just $100 million in 18 years .

Then there was 1992 MVP Charles Barkley, who earned just $40 million throughout his 16-year career. But that was the case with most NBA stars who played and retired before the turn of the century.

Now we are in a time where players earn 40 million a year in abundance. And Chuck has been jealous of it for a long time.

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Charles Barkley would arrive to work in a spaceship if he played in the present day

The Round Mound of Rebound is not at fault, however. The difference in earnings between his time and now is astronomical, and so our most entertaining analyst thinks if he would have been playing back then instead, he would have come to the arena in a spaceship.

Hilarious! Yes, he also mispronounced the famous Elroy. So he would still be worth $50 million if he played today because he will literally spend it however he wants. And that was about 8 years ago, imagine his feelings now.

Maybe he’s also jealous because he’s sitting next to a man 8 times bigger or because Jordan and Hakeem made hundreds of millions from their adventures off the court when he never had not doing much in business.

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But despite everything, his regret at being born a little too early is legitimate. Let’s put into perspective how much a good NBA player earns now compared to the superstars of yesteryear.

In the 2022-23 season alone, CJ McCollum of the Pelicans will earn over $33 million, while Jalen Brunson of the Knicks will earn over $24 million. Yeah, more than Bird and Johnson have done in their careers.