Jarvis Landry is not ranked in the top 11 NFL slots receivers

When Jarvis Landry was traded to the Cleveland Browns, his arrival sparked excitement. Despite only missing one game (due to COVID-19 close contact protocols last year) in his entire career, Landry is often underestimated.

His big contract also plays a role in this underappreciation.

In Cleveland, Landry has been a leader on and off the field with his passion, energy and road racing. During his three seasons with the team, Landry caught 236 passes for almost 3,000 yards and 13 touchdowns. He also had two rushing touchdowns and a pass.

His consistency and availability are of great value, but his playing on the field has often lacked big plays to satisfy those who have concerns about his big contract.

The lack of big games and the continued evolution of the slot machine receiver position, where more players are playing indoors and outdoors now, have kept Landry away from the list of the 11 best slot receivers in the NFL.

Doug Farrar, the author of the article, noted the number of different players taking slot machine shots in today’s modern NFL:

They can be smaller receivers, bigger receivers, tight ends, and ball carriers. Sometimes it’s actually outside receivers in reduced divisions after the actual outside receiver has moved to the other side of the field before hooking up.

The Modern Slots Receiver is a complete starter with its own required skills, and here are the 11 best NFL Slots Receivers today.

The list includes many guys who play indoors and outdoors, but Farrar does a good job pointing out why they made the list purely for their abilities outside the slot machine. CeeDee Lamb, for example, came in tenth after catching the most passes of 20 or more overhead yards out of the lunge.

The list contains pure types of slots like Cole Beasley, but is also filled with very versatile types including Tyreek Hill which tops the list.

For its part, according to Pro Football Focus, Landry took 418 of his 815 shots out of slot last year.

With Kevin Stefanski’s offense valuing two tight ends, Landry was often lined up with a tight end, or running back, on the outside of him when he was in the lunge. Even when Odell Beckham Jr. was injured, Landry’s snap ratio in the slot remained mostly consistent with his numbers with Beckham.

For the Browns, whether Landry can continue to contribute to their team’s success, where he ends up on those lists is irrelevant. However, with his high salary and the hype around him, Landry will continue to be a lightning rod of opinions and analysis.