John Wall for pick up option; Will accept redemption if not redeemed

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The Houston Rockets will have played the entire 2021-22 NBA season without former All-Star John Wall receiving even a second of playing time. The initial expectation was that the rebuilding Rockets would facilitate a trade to send him to a team that wanted to give him playing time – neither team decided to pursue a deal given his huge salary.

The Rockets and Wall must find a solution in the offseason. It makes no sense to pay a supermax salary to a player who is not going to play. There is also no reason for Wall to be absent for several seasons when he is in perfect health.

According to Michael Scotto of HoopsHype, John Wall plans to exercise his $47.4 million player option this offseason. The Rockets should seek a trade for Wall after choosing his option.

“As expected, John Wall will exercise his $47.4 million player option for next season, I’m told. After that, the Rockets will have time to look for a trade to move Wall.

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With Wall becoming a deal expiring next season, that could make him easier to trade as teams could look to take long-term wages in a trade to acquire him. Potential trade suitors ahead of the trade deadline were reluctant as he was signed until 2022-23.

Scott reported that if the Rockets prove unable to secure a trade, he will seek to facilitate a buyout deal to become a free agent. After that, he would like to play a part in a winning team.

“If Houston cannot find a business partner for Wall, his representation at Klutch Sports should work with the Rockets on a buyout deal before next season. A potential takeover deal would allow Wall to take advantage of the (free agent) market. Wall turns 32 in September. He is healthy. I heard that he would like to be part of a winning team and play a role.

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At a much lower cost, there should be plenty of teams interested in pursuing John Wall should he become a free agent. Whether he’s ready to come off the bench or not will be interesting to see and could open up more options for a winning team.