Judge refuses to stay Jon Gruden’s lawsuit against NFL pending appeal of arbitration decision

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Jon Gruden officially has more wins this year than the team he used to coach.

TheAthletic.com’s Daniel Kaplan reports that the judge presiding over the former Raiders coach’s case against the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell has refused to suspend the litigation pending appeal of the denial of the league’s effort to force the case into arbitration.

The NFL filed its appeal last week.

Here’s what that means. Unless there is an immediate appeal of the decision not to stay the matter pending the further appeal, litigation will continue with the discovery process. Documents and other information will be requested by Gruden. Depositions from key individuals, such as Goodell and Commanders owner Daniel Snyder, will be arranged.

The NFL will no doubt try to fight this by any means available, as the league challenges the decision to keep the matter out of the secret and rigged court to which the league attempts to direct any claims ever made against the NFL and/or its franchisees.

One of the most important pieces of information that will be revealed if/when the litigation proceeds is who leaked the emails sent to former COs executive Bruce Allen.