Kings Cap Space Tracker: How Much Can Sacramento Spend on Free Agency?


As a small market team, the Sacramento Kings are more likely to land all-stars in the draft than in free agency. However, capping space is a valuable asset for any team and something fans are always curious about how much their team will have.

As is, the Kings are expected to have around $ 13.2 million in ceiling space, but that number depends on whether the team forfeits all of their free agent cap holds and forfeits all of their players who have partially or unsecured contracts. Is it likely? Let’s break it down.

As the Basketball Reference‘s salary cap chart illustrates, the Kings will have three players on unsecured contracts for the 2022-2023 season: Chimezie Metu, Jahmi’us Ramsey and Robert Woodard II. Of those three players, only Woodard has a partially guaranteed contract worth $ 300,000, but he’s probably the least likely of the group to be brought down solely on production basis, followed by Ramsey.

Metu has been good enough this season to justify keeping him on a $ 2million contract, so let’s just factor that into the equation – that puts the Kings at around $ 12 million before the ceilings are taken into account.

Luckily for the Kings, cap grabs should be the least of their worries. Assuming they part ways with Marvin Bagley III before the trade deadline, the biggest cap the Kings will have on their books is Tristan Thomspon’s $ 12.6million cap. Barring an unforeseen midseason turnaround, Thompson likely isn’t sniffing near that number in free agency and, as a result, the Kings will likely give up his cap early on.

So unless the Kings add a guaranteed paycheck by the trade deadline, they envision around $ 12 million in ceiling space and a maximum of $ 13.2 million. It won’t allow them to become a superstar free agent, but it could make them become a entry-level player to support their core or, at the very least, strengthen their bench.

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