Lakers: Kendrick Nunn asks fans for patience as he works on his return – All Lakers

It’s safe to say that the addition of Kendrick Nunn won’t magically save the Lakers’ season. But there’s no doubt they could use someone of his skills, especially given the need for perimeter defense.

But Nunn has yet to make his Lakers debut this year due to a knee injury suffered during preseason. That bone bruise has since become a big deal for Nunn who suffered a setback last week

But the Lakers are optimistic about his impact this year. Nunn was so ready to move to Los Angeles that he would have turned down bigger offers to come here. And after his last setback, he took to Twitter asking fans to be patient as he works towards his season debut.

Lake Show I promise I want to be there to help my team. Be patient with me. This process was equally frustrating for me. I’ll be back as soon as I’m healthy! It’s worth the wait

To his favorite, Nunn can be a deep threat while achieving great batch scoring performance. The Lakers would almost certainly be better off with him in the lineup and available on the bench, but it’s unclear when that will be.

But the hope is that even in the worst-case scenario, Nunn will be ready to go by the time the playoffs roll around. Lakers fans can only hope the team can hold out long enough to barely make the playoffs thanks to a weaker Western Conference.