LeBron James and the best Halloween costumes of NBA players, ranked

Spooky SZN is always an interesting time for NBA fans. Why do you ask? Because once Halloween arrives, players channel their inner child and dress up! Of course, since these are multi-millionaire NBA players we’re talking about, they go completely crazy with their cuts, sometimes rivaling those of professional cosplayers.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the players who absolutely went crazy about their costumes and blew the competition out of the water.

Honorable mentions around the NBA

5. Tyrese Haliburton

In only his second year in the league, Tyrese Haliburton has proven himself to be an integral part of the NBA scene. If not for his contribution to the Kings, the league should keep him only for his Halloween costumes.

Check out this Grinch costume! It looks so good, and he supplemented it with the dog for good measure! Obviously, this is a top Halloween outfit. (via Sacramento Kings)

4. The towns of Karl-Anthony

Okay, it’s actually very creative. The outfits of Towns and his girlfriend Jordyn Woods alone are not out of the ordinary for NBA players. I love the concept of being Towns (a Timberwolves player) playing the Big Bad Wolf role, even though his costume is as simple as it sounds.

However, what wins for me is the legend. I love a good pun, and this caption is one of the best puns I’ve seen.

3. Damien Lillard

Amidst all of these scary costumes circulating around NBA players, let’s take a moment to appreciate a healthy costume from a relatively healthy man. Damian Lillard, instead of going the ‘supernatural’ route, instead opted for an incredibly cute and family-friendly Flintstones costume with his family.

All you can say, really, is “Awww!”

2. LeBron James

Ah, LeBron. When it comes to Halloween costumes, no one in the NBA does it better than the King himself. He’s had some amazing costumes over the years, like a weirdly accurate Pennywise cosplay and that awesome Silver Hand Edwards costume.

Not to disappoint, LeBron opted for another terrifying costume that will thrill NBA fans. This Freddy Kreuger outfit is downright spooky, with the lifelike prosthetics and signature hand claws.

1. Anthony Davis

Well, looks like Anthony Davis didn’t want to lose to LeBron in this case. Like LeBron, Davis donned a Candyman costume that is so intricate and terrifying that you MUST give him props. It’s very realistic, so much so that NBA fans on Instagram couldn’t tell the person below was AD. It is the mark of a great costume.

However, what got the better of me were Candyman’s cheeks. My God, these look so lifelike and hair-raising. Imagine walking down the street and seeing this 6’10 Candyman. I would run faster than you can say, “Pick and Roll!”

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