“LeBron James should not play in any arena that prohibits NBA players from not being vaccinated”: Senator Ted Cruz suggests Lakers superstar defends Kyrie Irving and Andrew Wiggins


Senator Ted Cruz recently took to Twitter and miraculously accepted LeBron James’ controversial take on the vaccination of NBA players.

Ted Cruz hasn’t always been LeBron James’ biggest fan, whom he criticized for his take on the Daryl Morey-China incident that took place in 2019.

So, many were surprised when Ted Cruz agreed with LeBron James‘ position when he said he was vaccinated but would not use his platform to encourage others to get the vaccine. .

It is not something that you come across every day. Who would have thought that Ted Cruz would ever support LeBron James – especially on a very sensitive subject like vaccination.

NBA players are not required to be vaccinated for the upcoming season, but they will be subject to more stringent rules, such as daily testing.

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Ted Cruz encourages LeBron James to make a powerful statement regarding the NBA vaccination rules.

Ted Cruz then took it a step further by literally putting words in the Lakers superstar’s mouth.

He said LeBron could solve the whole NBA player vaccination problem. Well, at least he’s hoping LeBron will say something like:

“I hang out with my teammates. And I won’t play in any arena that bans another NBA player because they are making a personal health choice. “

But I doubt LeBron James would make such a controversial statement about boycotting NBA games. The 4x MVP simply has too much to lose.

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The point is, the LA Lakers would be fully vaccinated at the start of the season. I’m sure LeBron James played a huge role in that, to make it work.

Maybe, behind the scenes, LeBron could be working on something to promote player vaccination.