“Marcus Smart just posterized Rudy Gobert out of the DPOY race!”: NBA Twitter reacts as Celtics guard puts 3x DPOY on huge poster


NBA Twitter goes wild as Marcus Smart posted Rudy Gobert, as Boston Celtics head to Utah to take on Jazz

The Boston Celtics after a decisive victory over the Philadelphia 76ers visited Utah Jazz with a much better record (14-7) in the Western Conference than the Boston in the East (12-10).

The Utah Jazz have enjoyed a long rest since their last game against the Portland Trail Blazers. They were on a run with two big, resounding victories. First, when they hosted the Pelicans, then the Blazers, the two games they won by 22 points.

Tonight they hosted the Boston Celtics. The Celtics weren’t as dominant as the Jazz in their last game, winning 88-87 over a shorthanded Philadelphia 76ers team.

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This match once again seemed like a high scoring match from the start. As the intensity with which both teams played exploded. Marcus Smart gave the Celtics some vigor with a dunk on Rudy Gobert.

Marcus Smart posterized Rudy Gobert and NBA Twitter goes wild!

With Jaylen Brown out of the starting XI again, the C starters still had a bit more to do. They definitely need something to start, which they got when their 6’3 point guard Marcus Smart posted the 7’1, 3-time defensive player of the year.

And the few C fans in the game as well as on Twitter have gone nuts.

People even brought more posters to Gobert this season.

Come on guys! One will be soaked if he lives under the ledge.

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The Celtics lost this high scoring game 137-130, they were in the game from start to finish and will be looking to move this smooth attack forward. They would surely be looking to do better defensively.