“Michael Jordan, Paul George and Derrick Rose join the roster!” : Kevin Love talks about the five best NBA comeback seasons

Kevin Love just had an amazing comeback season. However, he still feels that players like Michael Jordan and Paul George have had better seasons.

When an NBA player gets injured or is out for a very long time, their comeback may not go as planned. Players lack speed and cunning when returning from a long break.

It rarely happens that players can regain their balance after a big injury. More players have been pulled from the league due to major injuries than have returned.

Kevin Love is coming off a brilliant comeback season. After being out for a long time, there were doubts about his return to form.

Kevin just proved all his skeptics wrong. Coming off the bench, he went 13-7-2. Solid numbers from a player whose career could have been over.

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Kevin Love picks his season with Michael Jordan and Paul George’s seasons as the best NBA comeback seasons

In an interview with broadcaster Taylor Rooks, Kevin Love was asked what were his top 5 seasons back in the NBA?

He picked Michael Jordan’s first comeback, Paul George’s injury return, his own season, Derrick Rose’s return from his ACL tear and his friend Channing Frye’s injury return.

It’s hard to argue with K-Love’s list. The players on the list have had some of the most notable turnovers from injury.

Who do you think deserves to be on the list? Did we forget some names? Comment below.

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