Myles Turner on DeMarcus Cousins’ rude reception of the NBA


Basketball has a ton of hidden rules that players around the world follow. For example, when players take a shot, the rebounder must give them change by giving it back to them. The hidden rules don’t end once players reach the NBA. Other hidden rules are added once the pros start their NBA journey. Just ask Myles Turner of the Indiana Pacers and pro hoops veteran DeMarcus Cousins.

As soon as a rookie takes part in a game for the first time, he quickly learns a new unspoken rule of the NBA. This rule is to find the recruit and attack him. Opposing players try to pick on you every night for being a beginner, and highlights are inevitable. This is when you receive your welcome to NBA time.

Indiana Pacers star Myles Turner has joined the ClutchPoints Year 1 YouTube series to discuss her welcome to the NBA moment.

“Yeah I remember like it was yesterday. I just reached my career high (31 points) at Golden State, ”Turner told ClutchPoints.

Sometimes welcoming a rookie at NBA time is a good memory. When Myles Turner scored 31 points in his rookie season against defending champion Golden State Warriors, one would normally expect that achievement to make a man feel on top of the world. Then the high of that moment quickly evaporated when something unexpected happened the next night.

Myles Turner tells the story.

“The next night we’re going to Sacramento to play, and I’m playing the first Demarcus Cousins, and the Boogie was there. People are used to three-shot and grips. He was doing it a bit, but he was Demarcus’ cousins ​​at low post by then, Turner explained. “My brother was just mistreating me. I think he probably scored 45 points. It could have been a 50-point game, but there was nothing I could do. There was nothing I could do to stop it. You go from the highest by scoring your highest career level to the lowest by simply being absolutely dominated. I legitimately looked at the coach in a time out and said I didn’t know what to do.

A rookie season is full of ups and downs, and you need to develop short-term memory. Myles Turner has gone well from this back-to-back play set like a true pro.

He is now entering his seventh season with the Pacers and has become one of the best defensemen in the NBA. Even though this game in Sacramento dates back a long time, Myles Turner will never forget this night against DeMarcus Cousins.

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