NBA Exemption Claims 2021/22 | Rumors of hoops


Waiver requests are rather rare in the NBA. In order to claim a waiver player, a team must generally be able to fit all of the player’s salary into the cap room, a traded player exception, or a disabled player exception.

Given these limitations, the players most frequently claimed on waivers are those on minimum wage agreements, since any club is eligible to file a claim against these players using the minimum wage exception.

Even so, there are a few caveats – the minimum wage exception can only be used to sign players for up to two years, so the same rules apply to waiver requests. If a player has signed a three-year minimum wage contract, he cannot be claimed using the minimum wage exception, even if he is in the last year of his contract.

Considering all the rules that reduce the chances of a waiver request – not to mention the limited places available for NBA teams – it makes sense that almost every player who is released ends up canceling waivers. The 2020/21 league year saw a total of just five quit requests, for example, including one player (DaQuan Jeffries) which has been claimed twice.

Despite their rarity, we always want to keep track of any waiver claims that take place in the 2021/22 championship year because you never know which claim may end up being crucial (like the Pistons” July 2019 complaint of Christian wood). We’ll be tracking this year’s waiver requests in the space below, updating the list throughout the season to include the latest moves.

Here is the list :

  • Thunder Claim Mamadi Diakite by Bucks (September 26) (story)
    • After spending his rookie season in Milwaukee, Diakite was cut before his sophomore training camp. The Thunder claimed his minimum wage and took his partial guarantee of $ 100,000, but after Diakite fractured his left hip during the preseason he was released by Oklahoma City rather than earn a spot on the regular season team roster.
  • Wizards claim Joel Ayayi of the Lakers (October 17) (story)
    • The Lakers quickly signed a two-way contract with Ayayi after he was not drafted from Gonzaga this summer, but decided to go in another direction with this two-way window before the regular season began. . The Wizards, who had a two-way opening, took advantage, claiming Ayayi and keeping him on his two-way deal.
  • The Lakers claim Avery bradley from Warriors (October 18) (story)
    • Although he reportedly received some support from the stars of the Warriors, Bradley failed to nab the team’s 15th place at the start of the regular season. After Golden State cut him and his contract unsecured, Bradley was claimed by his former team in Los Angeles – the veteran of the Guard played for the Lakers during the 2019/20 season.
  • Rockets claim Mathews Garrison by Celtics (October 18) (story)
    • Mathews could have stayed with the Celtics had he agreed to have his 10-piece contract converted to a bilateral deal, but he couldn’t see a way to earn a spot on the 15-player roster if he stayed in Boston and was turning down this opportunity. When the Rockets claimed it, they converted it to a bilateral deal, but Mathews should have a clearer path to promotion to a rebuilding team that could sell veterans during the season.
  • The warriors claim Jeff Dowtin by Magic (October 18) (story)
    • Orlando had presumably planned to report Dowtin to his G League affiliate Lakeland Magic after playing for the club last season. The Warriors thwarted this plan by claiming Dowtin and converting his deal on coin 10 into a two-way contract. Dowtin could still play in the G League, but it will be with Santa Cruz for now, not Lakeland.
  • Claiming spurs Devontae Cacok de Nets (October 18) (history)
    • Cacok was in the camp with Brooklyn competing for a two-way contract, but lost that competition to David Duke. Spurs, with an open two-way lunge, saw Cacok a good candidate for the role, claiming it and converting his 10-piece contract into a two-way deal.