NBA Insider Says Brooklyn Nets Don’t Want To Trade Joe Harris: ‘They’re Not Buying Him And It’s Not A Salary Waiver.’

Joe Harris is one of the NBA’s best shooters when healthy, and he’s clearly well suited for the 3-and-D role. In the 14 games he played in the 2021 season -22, Joe Harris averaged 11.3 PPG, 4.0 RPG, and 1.0 APG while shooting 46.6 percent from beyond the arc.

It has been suggested that the Brooklyn Nets could end up trading Joe Harris, including in a trade that would send Kyrie Irving to the Los Angeles Lakers. He would certainly benefit the Los Angeles Lakers, as putting a sniper such as Joe Harris next to superstars LeBron James and Anthony Davis is a recipe for success.

“Is there a scenario where the Lakers end up trading the top two, Talen Horton-Tucker and Kendrick Nunn, and walk out of the deal with Seth Curry, Joe Harris and Kyrie Irving? I could see that happening. The reason they would like Seth Curry ahead of Joe Harris is that you have a shorter contract and less injury problems With Joe Harris you had ankle surgery The Lakers were hesitant to agree to big contracts, I don’t know why. Maybe management thinks a core LeBron James and Anthony Davis isn’t good enough anymore…”

Recently however, NBA Insider Brian Lewis suggested that the Brooklyn Nets “really like” Joe Harris and “don’t want to trade him”. While Lewis didn’t rule out the possibility of Joe Harris being traded for pay-matching purposes, he made it clear that Joe Harris was “not a pay dump.”

“They really like Joe Harris… The numbers have to add up, so if you trade him and you have to make the numbers add up, then yes… But they don’t want to trade him. They’re not buying him and he’s not a salary dump. I’m told they want to keep him. It’s just a matter of, ‘Can they keep him in any future deal for Kyrie? ?'”

Hopefully we’ll see Joe Harris stay on the Brooklyn Nets. The franchise has done a great job of helping it grow, and it’s become a fan favorite over the past few years.

That being said, the job of an NBA front office is to help the franchise improve. If there is a trade that makes the Nets better at the expense of the Joe Harris trade, then they absolutely have to pursue it. However, it’s clear the Brooklyn Nets haven’t actively tried to move him.