Nets season preview: will it be the best offense ever?


* No one with more star power … If it was still in 2013, the Los Angeles Lakers would give the Brooklyn Nets a hard time for their money. Although Los Angeles is full of big names, Brooklyn’s best players (Durant, Harden and Irving) are at the top of their game. Even their complementary actors (Blake griffon, Marcus Aldridge and Paul Millsap) also have a total of seventeen All-Star appearances. When taking on their opponents, the names on the back of their shirts will be just as intimidating as the ones on the front.

* Unparalleled offensive firepower … It’s no secret that the Nets will be able to score the ball. They have MVP award winners on their roster at Durant and Harden and both are candidates to win again next season. But even though Durant and Harden played only eight games with Irving last season, Brooklyn’s offensive rating (118.3) was still the best in league history. What’s even more fun: the sniper of the nets Joe harris had more than half of his three catch-and-shoot points and he actually finished with the third-most points scored on the catch in the league, by

* Improved depth … As if the Nets didn’t have enough going for them last year, they were able to make some big improvements around the edges this offseason. Last season their backcourt depth took a hit when Spencer dinwiddie had come out with injury. But with Patty mills in the fold, they will suddenly have a starplane creation in the second unit. They also added a solid veteran to Millsap. He’s someone who can hit the jumpers in a way that the old great Brooklyn ByAndré Jordan never could. Mills and Millsap are a formidable duo in the Nets’ second unit.

* So much talent that they can afford to sit guys down, rest and win anyway… The most interesting item on Brooklyn’s list is that Nash won’t have to play his guys to the bone on the way. Tom thibodeau will be for crosstown rival New York Knicks. Durant, Harden, and Irving are all behemoths on their own and can carry the offensive load on their own. Because it’s a team that’s built for the playoffs, the regular season can be more of an experiment. Maybe they sometimes give the keys to the rookie scoring sensation Cam Thomas, who recently led the NBA Summer League tournament in points per game.

* They are super battle proven and have championship experience … Let’s take a quick look at the Nets roster. Durant is a two-time champion and two-time MVP of the NBA Finals. Irving is a champion. Mills is a champion. These guys went to war and they showed they have what it takes to take their team to the next level. Sometimes knowing you have what it takes to overcome that elusive peak is part of the psychological battle it takes to win titles. Brooklyn already has several players on its team who have this game down.