NFL 2021 trade deadline: Allen Robinson, Nick Foles among big names in 10 deals set to happen this season


The 2021 NFL trade deadline is fast approaching, November 2. Some teams are already almost guaranteed to be sellers. Others are confirmed as potential buyers. Either way, we could see a slew of big names moved – or at least bought – in the coming days.

Here are 10 offers teams should definitely consider before this year’s deadline:

Potential cost: 2022 second round pick, 2023 fifth round pick

Allen Robinson


Baltimore has a title in sight. And while Lamar Jackson is doing very well with his current crop of broads, the Ravens were sniffing out veteran wide receivers this offseason, and A-Rob would be a nice addition to the quick Marquise Brown. Ideally, the Bears wouldn’t sell their young quarterback’s best weapon, but they have repeatedly failed to extend Robinson, 28, who will look to cash as a free agent in 2022.

Potential cost: Third round pick in 2022, fifth round pick in 2023

Xavier howard


Minnesota are not a Super Bowl-caliber team, but if the Vikings are to give their all before making an overall decision on Mike Zimmer’s diet, Howard is the perfect addition to a struggling defense at the back despite the veteran investments around the corner. Even if / when Patrick Peterson and Bashaud Breeland can stay healthy, they could use an away playmaker. Miami may not want to part ways with the former All-Pro, but at 1-5 the Dolphins can afford to start auctioning.

Potential cost: 2021 third round pick

Brandin cooks


Cooks is in his eighth season and has been traded three times already, and he would be delighted with another move to escape the rebuild in Houston. The Texans, on the other hand, don’t need to hold him back for the long haul as they’re looking to tackle bigger issues. What better landing spot than Green Bay, where he could play against Davante Adams? The Packers should be all in on a title race and / or appease Aaron Rodgers, so Cooks makes perfect sense.

Potential cost: Conditional third round pick in 2022

Derek barnett


In the midst of a rebuild, you’d think the Eagles would try to keep, not sell, a 25-year former first-round passer. But Barnett, while solid, has yet to emerge as a Pro Bowl caliber while occasionally munching on new staff for a lack of discipline. The Titans need more help in their high school, but Barnett’s tenacity would both be a good fit with Mike Vrabel and a complement to other rushers.

Potential cost: Fourth round pick in 2023

Marcus Maye

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Like Jamal Adams before him, Maye appears destined for a relocation after contract negotiations failed in New York, although he was much less valuable on the trade bloc. And yet Joe Douglas could use whatever assets he can get, as the Bucs have been considering help with their injury-riddled high school for some time. Maye’s connection with former Jets coach Todd Bowles would help justify the midseason rental.

Potential cost: Fifth round pick in 2022

Kyle fuller

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Seattle may like what he has in young DJ Reed, Tre Brown and Sidney Jones around the corner, but that doesn’t mean his high school is ready to make a playoff run. They need all the help they can get on defense ahead of a tough fight against NFC West, and Fuller looks out of place in Denver after landing on the bench.

Potential cost: Conditional fifth round pick in 2023

Trey Flowers

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Flowers has struggled to live up to the huge salary he received from the Patriots, and the Lions, at 0-6, can sacrifice his veteran presence for another pick for rebuilding. The Chiefs, meanwhile, need help getting rid of the QB, and adding Flowers to the trenches would allow them to free Chris Jones once the Pro Bowler is healthy.

Potential cost: Sixth round pick in 2022

Marlon mack


Los Angles are content with Justin Jackson behind Austin Ekeler, but if the Chargers are serious about challenging AFC West this year, Mack would make sense as proven insurance for an offense that needs to help Justin Herbert a bit more. The Colts, meanwhile, have no reason to keep the former starter, with Jonathan Taylor firmly established as the backfield man.

Potential cost: Sixth round pick in 2022

Hayden hurst

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Evan Engram might have made more sense as higher cap insurance for Dawson Knox, who is now on the sidelines for at least a few weeks. But Engram is also injured, making Hurst a plug-and-play option to help keep Josh Allen and Buffalo on a roll. Atlanta probably doesn’t want to sell Hurst just a year after trading picks for him, but the arrival of Kyle Pitts changed all that.

Potential cost: Seventh round pick in 2022

Nick foles


Jameis Winston is locked up as a New Orleans starter, although the Saints have yet to fully release him. But the Taysom Hill save, when healthy, is better deployed as a utility weapon than target Winston. Foles could offer Sean Payton more traditional insurance for a possible surprise run in the playoffs, and he would gladly hold a paperweight to come out of the cellar of Chicago’s QB room.