NFL Network names Giants’ Daniel Jones a starter who could lose his job

NFL training camps are only two weeks old and already speculation is swirling about New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones.

It all started with suggestions during the team’s acclimatization period that Jones could be benched in favor of Tyrod Taylor. Then it was more about negotiating for Jimmy Garoppolo. And now Jones is back on the bench despite back-to-back stellar workouts.

NFL Network’s Eric Edholm recently named Jones a starter who could lose his job before camp ends.

The speculation was that Jones would be on a one-year trial with new coach Brian Daboll before the team determined its long-term direction at quarterback. But is it possible Jones won’t even start this season as a starter? Tyrod Taylor never played for Daboll at Buffalo, but that doesn’t mean Taylor couldn’t win the job if the Giants’ new management decides Jones isn’t the long-term answer – and probably never will be. .

After inheriting a flawed roster and a messy salary cap situation, Daboll has already hinted there could be some growing pains this year. Smart money remains on Jones to prove he can still be the starter, but the Giants could choose to fire a stunner and turn to Taylor – especially if reports of the Giants offense struggling mightily in camp are continuing. A Jones bench would be the most surprising development of all the potential demotions mentioned in this article. Stranger things have happened, however, and perhaps Daboll’s patience will run out if Jones’ turnover issues (his 49 freebies – including 20 league-high fumbles – since 2019 are tied for third) persist.

It’s somewhat amusing how certain narratives persist in NFL media.

The Giants signed Taylor to be a backup in 2022 and that is precisely the role he has played so far. He took no first-team snaps in training, while head coach Brian Daboll repeatedly signed on with Jones as a starter.

As for the turnovers, Jones is known to have reduced them significantly since his rookie year, but the inflated numbers continue to be presented. And you’ll notice that no one who talks about it ever differentiates between Jones’ rookie season and what he’s done in terms of ball safety over the previous two years.

All of that isn’t to say that Jones is guaranteed anything beyond 2022. He’s not. But it’s misleading to ignore Jones’ improvement in the turnover department while repeatedly trying to push the idea that he’s on thin ice not even 10 days before training camp.