NFL Staff Ratings: Eagles, Warren, Bears, Chiefs

This weekend, the Eagles announced several title changes and new hires to their personnel and operations departments. Philadelphia has lost six staffers this offseason.

Some of the Eagles’ corresponding moves that we have yet to cover are as follows. Former Senior Director of Football Transactions Bryce Johnson was promoted to vice president of football transactions and strategic planning. Former Analytics Assistant James Gilman was promoted to director of football analysis. Former senior professional scout Jeff Scott was promoted to director of football operations. Former Football Analysis Coordinator Jon Liu was promoted to assistant director of football analysis. Former Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach Patrick McDowell moved across departments to become a player development assistant/scout. Professional scout Ameena Suleiman was promoted to Director of Personnel Operations/Professional Scout. Former college scout (Northeast region) Matt Holland was promoted to senior college/pro scout.

Here are the new signings announced by the Eagles that we haven’t covered. In operations, Zach Drapkin was hired as a quantitative analyst. In scouting, Jarrod Kilburn was hired as an academic/professional scout.

Here are some other notes from NFL personnel, starting with newly appointed commanders:

  • According to Nicki Jhabvala of The Washington Post, legendary tight end and current senior pro scout Don Warren will be retiring this week. Warren won three Super Bowls in his 14 seasons as a player in Washington. 13 years after retiring from the game, Warren returned to Washington as a scout. After five years in that role, Warren joined the Panthers as a scout, where he remained for ten years. Warren returned to Washington for the final two years of his career in 2020.
  • The Bears have hired the Chiefs’ senior data scientist, Krithi Chandrakasan, away from Kansas City to take on the role of Chicago’s director of football analysis. To fill the now vacant role of Chandrakasan, the chiefs hired Mark Richard in the role of football research analyst, everything according to ESPN’s Seth Walder. Walder adds that Richards was part of the winning team for the 2021 Big Data Bowl. The Big Data Bowl is an annual analytics competition for students and league professionals. The contest challenges entrants to drive innovations in the ever-changing world of advanced NFL analytics.