NFL World reacts to news regarding Brett Favre

Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre in the first round of the playoffs against the Minnesota Vikings at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin January 9, 2004. The Vikings beat the Packers 31-17 to advance to second round of the playoffs against the Philadelphia Eagles. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Legendary NFL quarterback Brett Favre has had many hits in his long pro career.

While the Hall of Fame quarterback has only suffered a few official concussions, he believes the actual number is significantly higher.

Favre revealed he believed he suffered thousands of concussions during his NFL career.

“Concussions happen all the time,” Favre said. Bubba’s Army radio program. “You get tackled and your head hits the turf, you see flashes of light or ringing in your ears but you’re able to play – it’s a concussion.”

“So on that basis, [I’ve suffered] thousands,” he continued. “It had to be, because every time my head hit the turf, there were ringtones or stars going, flashes…but I was still able to play .”

If that’s true, I hope Favre is doing everything he can to take care of his retired brain.

“He is probably referring to the micro-concussions which occur when the brain hits the skull without any major signs of concussion, but they still damage the brain over time. It is thought that a player can suffer more than 1000 in a single season,” a fan wrote.

“Bret was a high-volume player who played wide open all the time and in his later years you could tell something was wrong with him, not physically, but in his demeanor, attitude and the distant gaze in his eyes! One of the greatest QB players in football history,” added another fan.

“Brett had nearly 11,000 tries in the 90s and 2000s in the NFL and been sacked over 500 times, he might be right,” one fan added on social media.

Stay healthy, Brett.