Olam launches specialty cocoa business

Olam International on January 19 launched Twenty Degrees, a cocoa company that sources cocoa beans from 10 regions that have distinctive flavors and sensory profiles. Olam Cocoa, which is part of the Olam Food Ingredients segment of Olam International, based in Singapore, will support Twenty Degrees.

Twenty Degrees will allow farmers to bring single-origin cocoa beans to market that are either too specialized or too distant to be sold to traditional manufacturers, according to the company. The company was named Twenty Degrees because it refers to the cocoa belt that extends 20 degrees north and south of the equator. The regions range from the mountainous Simbu region in Papua New Guinea to the indigenous community of Eperara in the coastal rainforest of Ecuador.

“We are on a mission to change the way we think about premium cocoa,” says Leopold Palmer, CEO of Twenty Degrees. “We explore new territories and discover new territories in established growing regions, discovering unique cocoa beans grown to the highest quality with the greatest possible positive impact, and we do so in a transparent, traceable and of quality, consistency and taste to meet the needs of artisan chocolate makers.

The Twenty Degrees range of premium cocoa beans is now available in the United States and Europe.