Opinion: Nets should trade Kyrie Irving for Rockets for this player

The Brooklyn Nets are vying for the NBA title and the Houston Rockets are the worst team in the NBA.

Therefore, I think both teams should make a big trade.

Kyrie Irving is a seven-time All-Star goalie and hasn’t played a single game this season for the Nets due to the vaccination tenure in New York.

While not eligible to play in home games at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, he could technically be a part-time player in road games.

However, before the start of the season, the Nets announced that they would not allow Irving to be with the team until he could be a full-time participant (see Shams tweet below Charania from The Athletic).

The Nets are still 13-5, and the best team in the Eastern Conference in Irving’s absence.

Earlier this month, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that “there is no plan for John Wall to play for the Rockets.”

Wojnarowski’s full quote can be seen in a tweet embedded below from the NBA‘s Twitter account on ESPN.

The Rockets are also the worst team in the entire NBA with a 2-16 record.

I think the two teams should trade Irving and Wall.

Why would a trade work?

The Nets are built to have a trio of Irving, Kevin Durant and James Harden, with older veterans as supporting players.

Without Irving, they’re missing much of what their list was designed for.

They started the regular season well, but in the playoffs they could easily be sent home sooner.

Last season, they lost in the second round of the playoffs in a seventh home game against the Milwaukee Bucks.

The Nets had Harden and Durant in the game, but Irving was injured in the final games of the series.

Obviously, they have a lot to prove without him.

The Rockets have nothing to lose with Wall because they don’t play him.

He averaged 20.6 points and 6.9 assists per game last season.

No, he’s not the same caliber as Irving, but he would perfectly fulfill the role Irving was supposed to play on the Nets.

He could be a scorer and a facilitator, which Irving does.

Wall’s massive salary ($ 44,310,840, according to Spotrac) makes it difficult to trade.

Still, Irving’s big salary ($ 34,916,200, according to Spotrac) would make a deal much easier.

Their salaries don’t match exactly, but a deal could easily be struck.

The Nets have multiple trade exceptions, according to Spotrac, or they could add another player to the trade.

Who knows if Irving would even want to gear up for the Rockets, but he wouldn’t have the New York City vaccine tenure rule, so he would be eligible for all of their games.

If Irving didn’t want to play it, the Rockets would still have him to trade, or could just give it up or buy it back and save some money.

Maybe the Rockets could even get a sweetener from the Nets, as a second round pick.

If they had only traded Wall, they would have gotten Irving essentially for free, as Wall wasn’t playing for them all season anyway.

Durant is 33 years old, so the Nets must do everything to win at least one championship in the next few years.

Wall would help them achieve this goal.

Both teams should consider making this deal.

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