Parsons is proud to be the ‘most versatile’ in the NFL

“No, I’m just going up there to kick some ass,” Parsons said Tuesday.

Understandably, Parsons and the Cowboys have bigger things to fear at this late point in the season. For starters, they’d like to bounce back from a disappointing loss to Arizona and end the regular season on a high note – perhaps improving their playoff standings in the process.

Although he made the Pro Bowl in his freshman year in the league, Parsons said it hadn’t crossed his mind that he might take time out of that game against the Eagles in order to rest. for the playoffs.

“I never even thought about missing a game right now, especially before the playoffs,” he said. “I just want to stay warm, stay cool, keep playing a good ball.”

This last part goes without saying for Parsons. Although he didn’t score a sack in that 25-22 loss to the Cardinals, the rookie finished with five tackles, two tackles for a loss and a quarterback hit. It was the last example of Parsons able to affect a game, even though he wasn’t exclusively rushing at the quarterback.

“I’m totally proud to be the NFL‘s most versatile player,” he said.

Parsons’ season speaks for itself in this regard. It’s crazy to think that he started training camp with the perception of being raw, a bit of an unknown commodity after spending his last season in college.

Fast forward to Tuesday afternoon, and Parsons was asked about both Jevon Kearse’s rookie sack record of 14.5 and NFL Defensive Player of the Year – and maybe being the craziest part of all is that none of these things seem impossible.

Sitting on 13 sacks and 84 tackles with one game to go, Parsons didn’t shy away from talking about those things, either.

“I just do a lot of very different things in defense that change the game. I only ever play one position,” he said. “I feel like if I could just rush in I could be a guy with an 18-20 sack too. And if I just stayed in the pass cover and ran I could be a guy too. 100 tackles. “

It’s hard to ignore the fact that Pittsburgh’s TJ Watt scored four sacks in Monday night’s win over Cleveland, placing him just 1.5 off the NFL record. That fact, combined with his near failure at the award in 2020, could help him win the NFL DPOY.

He might be willing to talk about it, but Parsons said he’s not worried about the accomplishments. It might not be a homecoming, but he has another chance to make a good impression on Saturday – and in the playoffs ahead of him.

“All I know is I have a game this week and have to prepare for a playoff game next week,” he said.

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