Potential candidates for the December 15 trade in 2021-2022


With the NBA season over more than a quarter of the way, teams are finally starting to understand their rosters and whether any changes are needed. There hasn’t been a trade for two months, but talks are expected to start soon, as most players who were free agents during the offseason will become eligible for trades on December 15. The trade deadline is also two months away, so trades are expected to start occurring soon. Here are some players who are expected to become eligible next week:

Kemba walker hay declines have come faster than many thought. Tom thibodeau retired Walker from the Knicks’ rotation when he was two years away from being selected as an All-Star starter. The decision was down to defense, as the Knicks’ starting lineup with Walker has a defensive rating of 118.9, which is the highest among roster combinations that have played at least 100 minutes together. While the goal was to improve defensively, they actually did less well on that side while being slightly better offensively. It may take a while for the Knicks to figure out how to put the effort down without Walker, but the early returns aren’t looking good.

Walker should become available for trade assuming his exile from the rotation is permanent. After watching the Celtics and Knicks drop him, it’s hard to imagine what kind of role he will have in the league in the future. Seeing as he’s only making $ 8.7million this season and $ 9.2million next, it shouldn’t be hard for interested teams to acquire him and they can rightly get him off the bench. with his salary. Teams that could improve their bench score like Milwaukee, Chicago and Toronto could take a leaflet on it.

Dennis Schroeder, Boston Celtics

Dennis schröder has played very well for the Celtics so far this season. His numbers and efficiency are on par with where he left off with Oklahoma City in 2019-2020. He must have started the majority of Boston’s games so far with Jaylen brown running out of time due to a hamstring injury and held on in those games. He’s certainly surpassed his salary by $ 5.9 million and is set to get a massive raise this offseason. Schroeder’s contractual situation could make it difficult for the Celtics to retain him and therefore could consider trading him.

Boston owns his non-Bird rights, which limits them to re-signing him to a four-year, $ 30.4 million contract with a starting salary of $ 7.1 million. While very few teams are expected to have significant cap space this offseason, offers for Schroeder can start with the full mid-tier exception. He’s projected with a starting salary of $ 10.1 million, with teams able to offer him up to four years, $ 43.4 million. Boston shouldn’t have access to the full mid-level exception in the next offseason to increase its supply, nor will they want to exceed the luxury tax to keep it or become strictly capped. If the Celtics are still hovering above 0.500 around the trade deadline and they are not sure they will keep it for the long term, it would make sense to trade it.

Kelly Oubre, Charlotte Hornets

Kelly Oubre Jr. has been invaluable to the Hornets this season. The Hornets hold the fourth best offensive rating in the league and Oubre’s 15 points per game off the bench help. They play on a very thin bench and are below the league average in bench score and differential. Oubre has been instrumental in keeping their bench production afloat and at $ 12 million this season the Hornets are certainly getting their money’s worth.

Charlotte has a lot of attacking talent in her roster, but is also well below the league average defensively, and her defensive rating has dropped to league lows in recent weeks. While they’ve been able to outdo their opponents enough to stay afloat so far, it might not be sustainable. If they decide to take a step to improve their defensive staff, Oubre makes sense to move mainly due to his wide salary window that Charlotte lacks.

The Denver Nuggets could consider a potentially lost season due to all the injuries they have suffered so far. As long as Nikola Jokic is in good health, he will keep the Nuggets in the mix for play-in. Injury aside, things are already looking very fragile as their defense fell off a cliff after starting the season at the top. Their performance towards the trade deadline might be worth watching, as if things go wrong they could potentially be open to moving players.

One of those players that comes to mind is Will barton. He’s in his 31-year-old season and so far he’s enjoying a year of career at all levels with great efficiency, thanks in large part to his higher usage. If he continues to play well and Denver slips, it might be a good idea to trade him if there are any strong offers. A package with a good young guard or maybe even a late pick in the first round might be enticing enough to be accepted. Alternatively, Denver could look to consolidate him with a future first-round pick for a guardhouse upgrade.

Kelly Olynyk was brought in to bolster Detroit’s three-point shot, but was mostly unavailable due to a knee injury. The Pistons haven’t been able to score or do a good three this season, but his comeback and enough time to build the chemistry with Cade cunningham should help improve their shot.

Despite Detroit’s need for Olynyk’s skills, he is by no means untouchable. The Pistons are one of the deepest rebuilding teams in the league and quite possibly all of their veterans can be acquired for the right price. Olynyk has a very reasonable three-year, $ 37.2 million contract, which is only guaranteed for $ 3 million in the third year. Teams that could use a stretch like Olynyk include Boston, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Sacramento.

Daniel Theis, Houston Rockets

Daniel Theis is a great, productive man who can help many competitive teams. When he was signed and traded with the Rockets, it looked like a long-term asset from them. They are in the midst of a long rebuild where no veteran should be banned from a trade. Houston’s recent success with him outside of the rotation should make him very available, especially with Christian wood the effort at the center and the emergence of Alperen Sengun.

At four years, $ 35.6 million, Theis’ deal is very mobile and could be attractive to many good teams. A trade would be a good deal for him as he has a 15 percent trade kicker. He might not fit into Houston’s long-term schedule and maybe he’s negotiated this trade kicker with that in mind. Teams like Atlanta, Charlotte, Minnesota and San Antonio make sense to Theis.

Doug McDermott, San Antonio Spurs

Spurs continue to be as competitive as possible while simultaneously developing their young players. They can continue on this path as long as Gregg Popovich remains head coach. If the Spurs go in another direction and fully embrace a rebuild, McDermott would be a prime business candidate at some point.

McDermott got a raise last offseason and he’s playing up to his contract. He is currently averaging career highs with three points scored per game and a three-point percentage at 42.6 percent. The Spurs are dead last in the league in three points, so McDermott and Bryn forbes still have a lot of value for them. At $ 13.7 million a year, any team that needs a three-point shot should be able to acquire it in the future.

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