Pre-Camp Training Overview: Southeast Division

Over the next week, Hoops Rumors will take a closer look at the current roster status of each NBA team, assessing which clubs still have moves to make and which appear most prepared for the start of training camp.

This series is meant to provide an overview of each team’s roster at this time, so these articles will not be updated in the coming weeks as more signings, trades and cuts are made. You can follow our squad count page to keep tabs on team vacancies as we approach opening night.

We begin our pre-camp snapshot series today with the Southeast Division. Let’s dive in…

Atlanta Hawks

Martin, whose minimum wage is partially guaranteed for $450,000, is a strong bet to be the Hawks’ 14th man. Because the Atlanta team’s salary is a little above the luxury tax line, the team may keep its 15th regular season roster spot open to start the season, and might even try to make a cost-cutting exchange at some point before the 2023 deadline to sneak under the tax line. Otherwise, their standard roster seems fairly set.

One of the Hawks’ two-way players (Forrest) just signed, while the other (Brown) is a holdover from last season. Brown’s two-way spot may be in jeopardy if another camp guest makes a strong impression this pre-season – I would expect more camp guests to join Etienne on play 10 contracts in the coming weeks.

Charlotte Hornets

Bridges’ NBA future is in doubt after his arrest for domestic violence, but the Hornets are keeping him on the roster as his case plays out through the court system. The team also have another opening on their 15-man roster and look likely to use him as a point guard. Charlotte has been linked to veterans like Isaiah Thomas and Kemba walker.

The Hornets also still have a two-way contract slot open. They could hold a pre-season competition for this opener, with Whaley among the camp guests vying to have his 10-piece deal turned into a two-way deal.

miami heat

Haslem’s decision to re-sign with the Heat means the team’s roster is pretty much set. With Haslem and Highsmith joining the other 12 players on guaranteed contracts, Miami will barely be under the luxury tax line and almost certainly won’t add a 15th man until very late in the season.

However, the Heat’s two-way contract slots may not be set in stone. Days and Garrett fill those spots for now, but if a camp guest like Bouyea, Cain or Robinson makes a major impact during the preseason, the team could make a switch.

Orlando Magic

Barring a preseason trade involving a veteran like Ross, the Magic’s 15-man roster looks set for opening night. And Harris and Schofield have both signed new two-way deals this offseason, so it seems unlikely that Orlando will replace either player before the start of the season – Harris’ place seems particularly secure, since his two-way contract is for two years.

While the Magic have apparently agreed to sign more players than they have for their 20-man offseason, that doesn’t necessarily mean Cannady and one other player will have to be waived before camp to complete those signings. I would expect Orlando to shuffle their spots on the main roster, quickly signing and waiving one or more of these 10 piece players to secure their G League rights and/or ensure they receive bonuses for becoming affiliate players with the Magic of the Lakes.

Washington Wizards

Like the Magic, the Wizards have 15 guaranteed contract players who look likely to make the regular season roster barring any last-minute surprises. With a two-way contract still up for grabs, Jackson, Mintz and other camp guests will be looking to make their mark this fall.