Reggie Miller slams NBA players who rest during the regular season: “We made this league so sweet”


One of the negatives of the NBA these days is that teams rest their best players throughout the regular season, even if they aren’t injured. The term load management has become very popular over the past couple of years, and teams are exploiting it as much as possible to keep their players healthy heading into the playoffs. Obviously, from the perspective of the NBA team, this makes sense, but fans feel cheated, especially those who pay a lot of money for tickets to see these players live.

This problem is something the NBA is trying to fight against, and even though penalties for teams and players have become quite significant, teams are still finding ways to rest their best players if necessary. There is also a strong idea that this problem is exclusively related to the new generation of NBA players and how things weren’t the way they used to be. Former NBA and HOF player Reggie Miller spoke about this problem on the Dan Patrick Show, where he explained why he never taught not to play if he was healthy.

Reggie attributes his attitude and state of mind to the fact that he grew up in a military family where nothing was given but earned. This is the mentality he pursued in his NBA career, where he established himself as one of the fiercest and talkative competitors. The feeling of guilt would bother him too much if he knew he was healthy but decided not to play anyway.

Besides, I was brought up in a military house where you have to earn a living. I felt guilty when I wasn’t playing, even when I had a sprained ankle and could play 70, 75 percent, and I knew I could go. I felt guilty for sitting still. I knew I could probably still shoot. Would I be able to move sideways on this ankle? Probably not, but I knew if the ball came to me and I was wide open I could still shoot, and that would help my team. So I felt guilty for not being on the floor. I felt guilty leaving Dale and Antonio, and Rik Smits there, so I always wanted to play. I just felt if you’re healthy enough if you can run up and down, if you can contribute to your team, you play.

Reggie Miller, via Dan Patrick Show

It is somewhat misplaced to generalize the entire generation of gamers as being soft compared to the older generations. However, Reggie suggests it’s the league’s fault for allowing rule changes that have consequently made players sweeter.

On the other hand, I understand. We’ve made this league so sweet these days, and I understand, but it wasn’t in my DNA to stay away. It’s hard for me to do that.

Reggie Miller, via Dan Patrick Show

Reggie has averaged nearly 35 minutes per game throughout his 18-year NBA career, and although he’s never won an NBA title, he’s competed every time he’s stepped on. the hardwood of basketball. His generation of NBA players were proud to compete every night even if they were injured, which is not the case today when many players insist not to play and thus cause great disappointment among their fans. .

It’s important to be fair and say that they’re not all like that, but indeed this is a trend that has become more established over the past decade. Hopefully the NBA will find a solution to solve this problem because of the fans spending their hard earned money to attend games and watch their favorite players compete against each other.