Rockets consider waiving Derrick Favors to finalize roster

As the roster deadline approaches for the 2022-23 NBA regular season, the Rockets plan to release veteran big man Derrick Favors, per Shams Charania of Athletics.

Favors was acquired just two weeks ago for salary reasons in a trade with Oklahoma City that earned Houston a second-round asset.

Teams can carry up to 20 players during the offseason and throughout training camp, but that must be reduced to a maximum of 15 standard contracts and two two-way deals by the regular season. While forgoing favors would put the Rockets on standard contracts, they could still have flexibility with their two-way slots.

Favors is on a guaranteed salary of $10.3 million this season, and it was thought he could have come in handy to Houston as potential match pay in trade talks. However, that would have forced a team to release someone else, like Daishen Nix, Garrison Mathews or Boban Marjanovic. It seems general manager Rafael Stone was unwilling to let either of them go.

The argument could also be made that with Houston poised to have significant salary cap space in the 2023 off-seasonthe odds of executing a major trade in the 2022-23 regular season (which could potentially eat away at this coin) could be diminished, making it less important to have a salary filler such as Favors.