SA Gardens win CDA/MCI Ramadan Inter-Club Basketball Tournament – ​​Latest News – The Nation

LAHORE – SA Gardens Club won the CDA/MCI Ramadan Inter Club Basketball Tournament Final by defeating United Kings Club by 40-27 at F-6, Multi-Purpose Sports Center Islamabad on Friday night. In the final, SA Gardens players Junaid and Aurangzeb scored 14 and 8 points respectively while Imam Din and Umer scored 8 and 6 points from United Kings respectively. Officials from CDA/MCI, Federal Basketball Association, large number of spectators and basketball fans were present to enjoy the match and the good weather in Islamabad.

Earlier in the first semi-final, SA Gardens edged Bulls 50-39 with Safi contributing 12 points and Rizwan (9) and Irfan (8) playing well for Bulls. In the second semi-final, United Kings beat Reapers by 46-40 with Hamza earning 15 points from the winning side and Umer and Ali 13 points each from Reapers.

Federal Basketball Association (FBBA) Secretary Ouj-e-Zahoor has announced that the All Pakistan Basketball Tournament will be held from May 30 to June 4 in Islamabad. “Efforts are being made to invite all affiliated units of the Pakistan Basketball Federation for the highest award.

“It is hoped and expected that they will accept our invitation and participate and broaden the selection base of the Pakistan basketball team for the future international engagement. national training which will be established for the 14th South Asian Games to be hosted by Pakistan in March 2023.”