San Antonio Spurs still interested in Russell Westbrook trade from Lakers

The San Antonio Spurs are among the clear reconstruction teams in the NBA entering the 2022-23 season. They will remain among the top potential business partners for teams looking to cut salary cap expenses involving unfavorable wages.

There may be no more unfavorable contract in active business discussions than Russell Westbrook, which will earn him $47.1 million in the upcoming season. Any suitor’s goal would be to receive interim compensation from the Laker in any deal.

The main complication was the Los Angeles Lakers‘ lack of interest in simply wanting to dump Westbrook’s contract. They have been against the idea of ​​attaching assets to move one’s deal rather than just executing a trade to add truly key items.

In terms of veteran options like Josh Richardson and Doug McDermott, the Lakers aren’t intrigued by options. There was and still is a sense that better talent can be acquired from a team like the Indiana Pacers Where Utah Jazz.

According Spurs talk, the Lakers had discussed a trade involving Russell Westbrook’s contract with the Spurs earlier this offseason, but the two sides are no longer engaged in talks. Los Angeles prefers what the Pacers and Jazz can offer.

The Lakers were hoping for a potential Kyrie Irving Trade with the brooklyn nets would sweat. Those hopes have long since faded, changing the outlook for what they could potentially get in a trade by attaching picks to Westbrook’s massive salary.

There hasn’t been much success in trade talks involving the Lakers and Pacers. These talks have even been called “dead” for nearly two months. The asking price for Myles Turner in those talks remained high on top of what would be needed to acquire Buddy Hield.

The Jazz are motivated sellers after leaving the two Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert. Bojan Bogdanovic has been at the center of trade talks involving the Lakers and it currently looks like a deal with Utah is the most likely.

Other key jazz veterans could be included in a trade with Bogdanovic, including names like Mike Conley, Malik Beasley or Jordan Clarkson. Any of those names would add useful depth to the Lakers backcourt rotation.

If the Lakers prove unable to strike a trade deal with the Jazz or the Pacers, the Spurs remain a solid contingency option to consider. It just seems unlikely right now that the situation calls for such an outcome.

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