Scottish luxury hotel combats burnout with new biophilic forest bath hotel suite

The iconic Glasgow Kimpton Blythswood Square launched La Chambre Verte, an immersive hotel suite experience measuring the psychological and physical benefits of biophilic design.

The hotel has partnered with Scottish skincare brand CBD Green Street, leading horticulturalists Benholm and award-winning DJ Brian D’Souza to create a multisensory experience combining biophilia with CBD rituals, meditation and sound therapy.

Echoing the practice of forest baths, La Chambre Verte is aimed at the growing public of well-being tourists in search of proximity to nature and alternative therapies when traveling to improve their mental and physical health.

In the room, customers are greeted at a retreat hosted by La Rue Verte, featuring a host of its 100% pure hemp products, including a biodegradable hemp yoga mat, cocktails infused with CBD vitamins, and products from CBD bath.

Benholm brought the room to life with a variety of lush green plants, including creeping ivies cascading down the walls, dark green monstera leaves, palm leaves, and lush foliage plants.

The biophilic design provides physical and mental health benefits such as air purification, toxins and pollution removal. Some plants, such as Monstera, even omit naturally occurring molecular chemicals that reduce stress and boost the immune system when inhaled.

Additionally, customers can experience a bespoke, immersive nature-based soundscape in the room created by Open Ear Music.

The tracks combine field recordings of birdsong in and around Blythswood Square with sound therapy techniques and a selection of relaxing musical compositions by D’Souza.

A rejuvenating sunrise stream and a calming twilight trail help trigger the brain into a deep, meditative state of relaxation and a feeling of euphoria.

Finlay Anderson, Spa Director at Kimpton Blythswood Square and Area Spa Director for IHG said: “When we reopened after the first lockdown of 2020, we noticed a real desire from our customers to come back to rest, to relax. relax and take care of oneself which improves mental health.

“Following this, we are delighted to present an alternative therapeutic experience beyond the usual parameters of an overnight stay that offers clients the opportunity to reconnect with themselves after confinement.

“Next to La Rue Verte, we will be collecting data on customer experience through a set of questionnaires, assessing the benefits of biophilia and the Green Room experience over a standard hotel room environment.

“We look forward to sharing the results and using this experience to continue our development of alternative therapies in the hotel and spa. “

The Green Room is available for one night for two people from £ 579 (€ 671, US $ 816).

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