Several players ready to receive salary guarantees

Most players who still have unsecured contracts at the start of the NBA regular season will not see their salaries for 2022/23 fully guaranteed until January. The league-wide salary guarantee date is Jan. 10 and teams must waive players under non-guaranteed contracts by Jan. 7 to avoid being charged for full-season wages. .

However, a number of players on non-guaranteed deals have language in their contracts that requires them to receive full or partial guarantees if they are not canceled before their team’s first game of the regular season. These players are:

Full Warranties:

  • Dalano Banton (raptors): Partial warranty ($300,000) changes to full warranty ($1,563,518).
  • Keita Bates Diop (Spurs): the non-guaranteed salary ($1,878,720) becomes fully guaranteed.
  • Justin Champagnie (raptors): the partial guarantee ($325,000) changes to the full guarantee ($1,637,966).
  • Tre Jones (Spurs): Partial guarantee ($500,000) moves to full guarantee ($1,782,621).

As our complete list of first salary guarantee dates shows, Isaiah Joe (Sixers), Josh Jackson (raptors), and DJ Wilson (Raptors) would also have had their salaries fully guaranteed had they remained under contract through their teams’ opening regular season games. However, they have all been canceled within the last week. Joe has since signed with the Thunder on a deal that includes a guaranteed salary in the first year.

Partial guarantees:

  • Matthew Dellavedova (kings): the non-guaranteed salary ($2,628,597) becomes partially guaranteed ($250,000).
  • Haywood Blacksmith (Heat): the partial guarantee ($50,000) increases to $400,000.
  • Luc Kornet (Celtics): the partial guarantee ($300,000) increases to $1,066,639.
  • Chima Moneke (kings): the partial guarantee ($250,000) increases to $500,000.
  • Markieff Morris (Nets): the non-guaranteed salary ($2,905,581) becomes partially guaranteed ($500,000).
  • KZ Okpala (kings): the partial guarantee ($250,000) increases to $500,000.
  • Edmond Summer (Nets): the partial guarantee ($250,000) increases to $500,000.

Guarantee dates are a matter of negotiation between a team and a player, so there is nothing stopping a club from approaching a player and asking them to agree to extend this date. If a player feels like they will be waived if they say no, they can accept.

This happened last season, for example, when isaac bonga‘the sand Sam DeckerRaptors’ contracts with the Raptors provided that their salaries were fully guaranteed as of opening night. Both players have agreed to move their guarantees back to November 6. When this new deadline arrived, Toronto opted to retain Bonga and secure his full salary while waiving Dekker.

In other words, it is not yet certain that all the players mentioned above will get the guarantees described here, even if they remain under contract until Wednesday (or Tuesday, in the case of Kornet). We may learn in a day or two that a few of them have agreed to extend their salary guarantee dates.

For the most part though, we should be relying on this extra security group of players, with a handful of names coming off our list of players who still have unsecured salaries.