Shaq reveals why he’s the ‘most decisive’ player in NBA history

There is no doubt that Shaq is one of the most dominant forces this league has ever seen. In fact, more than a few people would be more than willing to agree that the Los Angeles Lakers icon is unrivaled when it comes to his dominance during his time in the NBA.

If you ask O’Neal, though, the Hall of Fame big man doesn’t just believe he was once a truly commanding presence on the basketball court. In his mind, Shaquille O’Neal also claims that he is the most decisive player who has ever picked up a basketball:

“I’m the most decisive player in NBA history,” Shaq said, via Carlos Sacristan of Marca. “Have you heard of Hack-a-Shaq? If not… watch it. I was a force to be reckoned with because I was a dominant big man.

Fair point of Shaq. If you’ve followed this man throughout his career, it’s easy to realize what a pretty solid argument he has here. Nobody changed the nature of the game like Shaq did in his day. That an entire league came up with a whole new tactic to try and stop O’Neal, aka the “Hack-a-Shaq,” says a lot about what a game-breaking superstar he truly was.

With that in mind, Shaq also said he believes Golden State Warriors talisman Stephen Curry is the “biggest problem” in the NBA today. Their games couldn’t be more different, but it’s clear that O’Neal sees a lot of similarities between himself and the greatest shooter of all time.